Чит коды на The Golden Compass (PS/PS2)

Также известная как: Золотой Компасс
Unlock Bonus Featurettes:
Go to "Extras" and load an established game file. Select
"Game Secrets," then "Enter Code." Enter the symbols into
the Alethiometer in the order, Top Left~Bottom Left~Top
Right. Press the Triangle button to lock in the code. Once
the code has been acknowledged, the respective featurette
may be viewed through "Featurettes" in the "Extras" menu.
The game will automatically save after each successful
code entry.

Compass~Sun~Madonna - Unlock "Audio Session: Dakota Blue
Richards" Featurette
Compass~Moon~Wild Man - Unlock "Audio Session: Freddie
Highmore" Featurette
Alpha/Omega~Alpha/Omega~Compass - Unlock "Behind the
Scenes..." Featurette
Griffin~Elephant~Owl - Unlock "Daemon Motion Reference
Shoot" Featurette
Sun~Moon~Wild Man - Unlock "Polar Bears in Motion"
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