Чит коды на Technic Beat (PS/PS2)

Hard ver. songs
The following songs have unlockable harder versions:
Days Dreamer
TGM in the Bottle
Clip Click
Roteen de Moon

If you play any of these songs in arcade mode, you'll be able to play the harder version of that song as your next stage. After you play the harder version, it will be selectable as a normal song in Free Mode.

Play PacMania (Hard Version) In Arcade Mode
In Arcade mode on Normal difficulty, pass PacMania on your second stage. PacMania Hard Ver. will appear after Galaxian3 on your final stage.

Unlockable How to Unlock
PacMania Hard Ver. Pass PacMania on your second stage

Unlock Bonus Mode
Clear Arcade Mode once on any difficulty with any character to unlock Bonus Mode.
Contributed By: Ninja Knife
Unlock Songs in Free Mode
Clear a song in Arcade Made to unlock that song for play in Free Mode.

Change color to 2P color in Character Select
Press UP or DOWN on the D-pad or Left Stick on the Character Select screen to change color to 2P color (or back to 1P color).
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