Чит коды на Team Buddies (PS/PS2)

Cheat Codes (Pause gameplay, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press following keys):
Level Skip - Circle, Square, X(x2).
Invincibility - X, Triangle, Square, Circle.
Infinite Ammo - Circle, Square, Triangle, X.
Refill Team Health - Triangle(x2), X(x2).
Refill Team Ammo - X(x2), Triangle(x2).
First Special Weapon - Triangle, X(x3).
Second Special Weapon - X(x3), Triangle.
Heavy Weapon - Triangle, X, Square(x2).
Jetpack - Square(x2), Triangle(x2).
Rocket Boots - Triangle, Square(x2), Triangle.
Easy Gun Build - Circle(x2), X(x2).
Easy Buddy Build - Circle(x2), X, Circle.
All Crates Powered-Up - Circle, X(x2), Circle.
Instant Shape Building - Square(x2), Circle(x2).
Base Indestructible - X, Triangle(x2), X.
Animals Don't Attack - Circle, Square(x2), Circle.
Big Feet - Triangle, Square(x2), X.
Big Guns - Triangle, Circle(x2), Triangle.
All Levels and Worlds - Triangle, Circle, Square(x2).

Next World from Info Panel in Rotunda:
At the Info Panel, hold L1 + L2 + R2 and press R1
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