Чит коды на Taito Memories Vol. 2 (PS/PS2)

Secret Command Method Of Unlocking Games
At the title screen, while the cursor is highlighting START, enter L2, R2, R1, L1, Select, and Start, and you will enter the game selection screen. Then, the five locked games, Elevator Action, Front Line, Gun Frontier, New Zealand Story, and Qix can be played.

Non-Secret Command Method Of Unlocking Games
For Gun Frontier, Elevator Action, and Qix, play the specified games each for a total of one hour or more. For Front Line and New Zealand Story, just do what's said. Turn on Auto Save in the Options menu to keep your work as you complete the tasks.

Elevator Action
Cadash, Arabian Magic, Violence Fight, Rastan Saga 2, The Legend Of Kage, Chack'n Pop, Mizubaku Daibouken, and Wild Western

Front Line
Make the total play time reach a total of five hours or more.

Gun Frontier
Insector X, Gekirindan, G-Darius, Raystorm, Space Invaders, Akkanvader, and Space Invaders Part 2

New Zealand Story
Play all the games that don't need to be unlocked once each.

Crazy Balloon, Puzzle Bobble 2, Raimais, Hat Trick Hero, and Balloon Bomber
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