Чит коды на Silent Scope 3 (PS/PS2)

Professional and Continuous mission mode:
When you beat every EX mission you get Professional and Continuous mission
mode in the EX options.

Professional mode has no target alerts. And Continous mission mode has no dialogue.

Real-Time Window:
Get a grade of S or better in the Shooting Range to unlock the Real-Time Window.
Turn it on in EX Options. This places and locks the scope view in the upper-left
corner of the screen.

Free health:
Shoot about five or more people in the head.

Defeating Bosses:
To easily kill a Boss, shoot him in the head.

Secret level:
After completing all the levels there will be a final confrontation level.
You will have to get to a swordsman Boss and defeat him. He will come at you
with his sword. Shoot him then. After that, you will have to find your way
to a 1-shot Boss. To kill him easily, wait for the shuttle to stop moving,
then make your shot. After that, you will have to kill your own Boss.

Extra Contact:
If you stare at Life-up Girls, Robert or your partner will say 'How long are
you going to stare like that?' or 'Am I in your view?'. This will not work on
the 4WD or by Helicopter on the train level.

Kissing Bosses:
Successfully complete consecutive mode on Silent Scope EX and the Phantom and
the Prince Of Rose will kiss each other.
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