Чит коды на Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition (PS/PS2)

Custom Player Code - The Effect:
These two cheats need to be entered as your manager name in franchise mode,
as opposed to a custom player name.

Cheat code - Effect
ILL BE BACK - Big guns
U KNOW WOT THEY SAY - Big hand players
DIB - Big head players
COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE! - Boost player speed and agility
YES THERE IS A SPOON - Disable bullet time kicks
RSI - Easy aggression mode, hold instead of tap
BABY GOT BACK - Fat ass players
LARD IS TASTY - Fat but normal head
TOO MUCH PIZZA - Fat players
FORCE BACK - Handover on every tackle
SPOT THE BALL - Invisible Ball
FREE CANDY - Players accept any offer
TOO LITTLE PIZZA - Skinny players
VOODOO CHILD - Small head players
SUGAR DADDY - Unlimited Funding (Franchise) *
TIL THE COWS GO HOME - Unlimited game time
SOMBRERO - Unlimited Salary Cap (Franchise) *
SIDHESPISPOPD - Win all simulated matches
BEANS & EGGS - Wind strength x 10
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