Чит коды на Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 (PS/PS2)


Advanced Angler (Bronze)
Complete the Rookie Season in Tournament mode.
Bookworm (Bronze)
Enter into all categories in the Fish-O-Pedia.
Cast Master (Bronze)
Cast 500 times.
Challenger (Bronze)
Complete any Challenge in Free Fishing mode.
Confident? (Bronze)
Weigh in early during a Tournament mode event.
Driven (Bronze)
Complete all events in the first tier of any
season in Tournament mode.
Elite Angler (Bronze)
Complete the Legendary Season in Tournament mode.
Expert Angler (Platinum)
Unlock all Trophies.
False Hope (Bronze)
Catch 5 fish during any tournament event Weigh In
interval of time.
Fashionista (Silver)
Unlock every single clothing item for your male
or female angler.
First Catch (Bronze)
Catch 1 fish of any species.
First Steps (Bronze)
Finish a Tournament mode event.
Fish Lover (Bronze)
Catch 5 fish of different species during any
Tournament mode event or in Free Fishing mode.
Flap Jack (Bronze)
Perform the Flip In Boat maneuver 20 times.
Flying Fish (Bronze)
Catch a fish of any species by flipping it into your boat.
Friendly Angler (Bronze)
Finish the Rookie Season in Tournament mode with
less than 3 penalty points.
Good Sportsmanship (Bronze)
Complete all seasons in Tournament mode
with 0 penalty points.
Hooking Perfection (Bronze)
Accumulate 30 perfect hooks in any game mode.
I Do Attract! (Bronze)
Keep a lure's attractiveness level at 90% or higher
for more than 30 seconds.
Intermediate Angler (Bronze)
Complete a tier in the Rookie Season of Tournament mode.
Is That Who I Think It Is? (Bronze)
In Tournament Mode, begin fishing alongside each
competitor on the lake while they are fishing.
Isn't She Cute! (Bronze)
Raise a lure's attractiveness to its maximum level
during a retrieve.
It's a Monster! (Bronze)
Catch a Monster Fish of any species.
Journeyman (Bronze)
Drive for more than 5 hours in a Tournament mode
event and finish in the top 5.
Lightning Catch (Bronze)
Be the first competitor to catch a fish in
a Tournament mode event.
Like a Sturgeon (Gold)
Finish the Sturgeon Legends event in top 5 using
only the 10 lbs. (4.5 Kg) fishing line.
Location Scout (Bronze)
Find and cast into 5 different fishing spots in
any event in Tournament mode.
Lure Master (Gold)
Catch at least one fish, any fish, with every lure.
Master Challenger (Gold)
Complete all Challenges on all lakes in single
player Free Fishing mode.
Multitasking (Bronze)
Finish a Secondary Objective in a Tournament mode event.
Need a Bigger Boat? (Bronze)
Catch 30 fish during any event in Tournament
mode or during a single session in Free Fishing mode.
Original Feeling (Bronze)
Catch a fish with the Rapala Original Floater lure.
Perfect Form (Bronze)
Perform a perfect cast.
Perfect Hook (Bronze)
Get a fish on your line with a perfect hook.
Pro Bass Angler (Silver)
Catch at least 50 fish of any of the Bass species
in any game mode.
Quick Catch (Bronze)
Catch a fish of any species in under 1 minute from
the start of any event in Tournament mode.
Rookie Angler (Bronze)
Enter a Tournament mode event.
Seeing Spots (Silver)
Find and cast into at least 60% of all fishing
spots across all the lakes in any game mode.
Show Off (Bronze)
Win any event in Tournament mode without casting
into a fishing spot.
So Close, Yet So Far (Bronze)
Finish a Tournament mode event in 2nd or 3rd place.
Something's Fishy (Bronze)
Find and cast into a fishing spot on any lake.
The 10th Grade (Bronze)
Catch a total of 10 fish.
The Big One (Bronze)
Catch a record fish of any species.
The Captain (Bronze)
Accumulate 1 hour of boat driving in any game mode.
The One That Got Away (Bronze)
Lose a fish.
Too Perfect! (Bronze)
Accumulate 30 perfect casts in any game mode.
Top Challenger (Bronze)
Complete all the Challenges on any lake
in Free Fishing mode.
True Legend (Silver)
Catch all 30 Monster Fish.
Veteran Angler (Bronze)
Complete the Pro Season in Tournament mode.
Victory! (Bronze)
Finish in 1st place in any event in Tournament mode.
Weather-Proof (Silver)
Catch a fish in every one of these conditions
morning, noon, evening and sunny, overcast, rainy.
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