Чит коды на Quantum Theory (PS/PS2)


All Mine (Bronze)
Kill all other players in an 8-player Deathmatch.
Berserker (Bronze)
Obtain the rank of Berserker.
Clear Your Mind (Bronze)
Clear Cavitas Cranii.
Commando (Bronze)
Obtain the rank of Commando.
Cut a Rug (Bronze)
Land 100 full combo attacks. (3 consecutive hits)
Destruction Incarnate (Platinum)
Obtain all trophies.
Elite (Bronze)
Obtain the rank of Elite.
Enlightenment (Bronze)
Clear The Seed of Gnosis.
Fetus (Bronze)
Clear The Womb.
Headache (Bronze)
Kill 200 enemies with headshots.
Hunter (Bronze)
Kill 500 enemies.
Immortal (Gold)
Obtain the rank of Immortal.
Killing Spree (Bronze)
Kill 20 opponents in one match.
Leave Me Alone! (Gold)
Destroy 50 Watchers. (50/50)
Lone Gunman (Bronze)
Kill all members of the opposing team alone.
(8-player Team Battle)
Major League (Bronze)
Land 200 combo throws.
Mercenary (Bronze)
Obtain the rank of Mercenary.
Ninja Style (Bronze)
Filena killed 50 enemies.
Novice (Bronze)
Obtain the rank of Novice.
On a Roll (Bronze)
Kill 10 opponents in a row during one match.
Pierce the Skin (Bronze)
Clear The Root of the Tower.
Predator (Gold)
Kill 1000 enemies.
Privacy Issues (Bronze)
Destroy 1 Watcher. (1/50)
Slayer (Bronze)
Obtain the rank of Slayer.
Soldier (Bronze)
Obtain the rank of Soldier.
Stop Looking At Me! (Silver)
Destroy 20 Watchers. (20/50)
Storm (Silver)
Obtain the rank of Storm.
Through the Viscera (Bronze)
Clear Trachea.
Triage (Bronze)
Revive 10 teammates in one match.
What a Pal (Bronze)
Don't let any teammates who were setting charges
go down during the final battle in The Womb.
Xylem (Bronze)
Clear Lumenosynthetic Reactor 2.
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