Чит коды на Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (PS/PS2)

Также известная как: Принц Персии: Схватка с судьбой
[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Alternate ending:
Finish the game with all nine life upgrades

Glowing Sword weapon:
To get this weapon you'll need a sword that can break walls. In the Mystic Caves,
after you get past the first gate that you had to unlock, you'll reach a passage that'
divided by a pit with a switch on the floor. Drop into the pit, and at one end you'll
see a breakable section of wall. Break this wall to expose a weapon rack. Break
the rack and you'll be able to pick up the Glowing Sword, an unbreakable
secondary weapon that does a ridiculous amount of damage, but will gradually
cause increasing damage to you each time you use it.

Hockey Stick Weapon:
First you'll need the Scorpion Sword. When you return to the Central Hall during
the Throne and the Mask stage of the game, rotate the lever so that the ground
level gap is covered. Then head down the path you took to get the Life Upgrade
earlier but this time rather then going in to door turn right and break the part of
the wall with sand coming down. The Hockey Stick is in the weapons rack.

Pink Flamingo weapon:
To get this weapon you'll need a sword that can break walls. In the Garden Hall
(Present), starting from the middle passageway at the very top of the hall, do a
wall run to the rope, then a wall run to the central platform. Turn left and walk
directly through the wall of rubble in front of you. You'll turn around and grab the
platform you were just standing on. From here, jump across the gap to the next
platform. To your left you'll see another platform with a switch. Make your way
there, hit the switch, then return to the platform you were just on. There will now
be a block you can climb on. From the top of the block, do a vertical wall run +
jump to reach the beam above you. Walk along the beam to the right, then jump
to the ledge on the far wall. Follow the ledge around to an alcove. Drop into the
alcove and break the rear wall on the right-hand side to expose a weapon rack.
Break the rack and you'll be able to pick up the Pink Flamingo, an unbreakable
secondary weapon that does moderate damage and knocks all regular enemies to
the ground with one hit.

Rayman Glove weapon:
In the main tomb in the Catacombs, going through the exit triggers a Dahaka
chase. On the 2nd and 3rd chases through this exit, you'll come to a branch in the
passageway. If you turn left at the branch, there's a weapon rack hiding
immediately to your left. Break the rack and you can pick up the Rayman Glove,
an unbreakable secondary weapon that does minimal damage, but knocks all
regular enemies to the ground with one hit.

Teddy Bear weapon:
To get this weapon you'll need a sword that can break walls. In the Mechanical Pit
(Present), go to the room with the fireplace at the top of the pit, where you once
fought a Brute. At the back of the room there's a passageway that bends to the
right and dead-ends at a water pit. Drop into the pit and you should see a section
of wall with light shining through it. Break this wall to expose a weapon rack.
Break the rack and you'll be able to pick up the Teddy Bear, an unbreakable
secondary weapon that does minimal damage, but restores some health to you
every time you hit an enemy with it.

Defeating The Empress Of Time:
To defeat the empress of time for the last time, dodge all her attacks, especially
the kicks. Do not let her get near the girl in red. When only a little of her life
remains, keep blocking and press Triangle or Square.

Defeating The Dahaka:
You must have all nine Life Upgrades to gain the final sword, The Water Sword, to
fight The Dahaka and receive the alternate ending. Before you enter the Central
Chamber the second time, make sure you go to the pedestal in the middle of the
hourglass room to receive the Water Sword. Enter the Central Chamber to trigger
the intermission sequence. Then, chase the empress to trigger the alternate Boss
fight with The Dahaka. This can be a very tricky Boss (especially under the hard
difficulty setting), and he may seem very cheap at first. Immediately when the
fight starts, trigger the Ravages Of Time attack against the beast. Do this twice,
then run around and refill your Sand Tanks. The Dahaka will try to shoot his
tendrils up through the ground in front of you. The best tactic to avoid them is to
run around in a circle -- they will not touch you. After your Sand Tanks are filled,
go back towards him. When you get close to him, he will shoot tendrils out of his
stomach at you. Roll under them then activate Slow Time and hit him until his
health is about half way down. An intermission sequence will start, and the beast
will be hanging on the side of the cliff. Run over to him and use Ravages Of Time
as much as possible. When his health gets too low, he will jump up into the center
of the stage and regain half of his health. This is when he becomes angry and
things get tricky. He will try to jump on you multiple times. Run around the stage
collecting the sands, rolling out of the way when he jumps towards you. If he
misses you, he will try to shoot his tendrils at you; just run or roll away from him.
Eventually he will go back to shooting tendrils out of the ground. When your sands
are full, run towards him and use the same tactic as before. When your down to a
couple of Sand Tanks, fill up again. The strategy is to get his health as low as
possible before he gets knocked to the side of the cliff, then use either Slow Time
or Ravages to kill him off before he jumps back up again.

Defeating Shadi:
This is an easy but precise way to defeat Shadi. Attack her until you hear a
large "clank", which indicates that she has blocked. Then, roll to the side of her.
When this is done, most of the time you will be able to get behind her and repeat
the attack. You should get to hit her about four times (and possibly up to six times)
before she blocks. However, sometimes you may only hit her about two times
before she blocks. You must listen for the "clank".

Defeating the first Boss:
Block and do the attack were you jump behind her, and attack her twice.
Remember to block immediately after this or she will hit you down.

Defeating the mechanical tower Boss:
To defeat the large Boss on the mechanical tower stage, continuously hold R1 to
block, and dodge all his attacks by pressing X while blocking. Control the direction
of your dodge by moving the Left Analog-stick. Note: Dodging to the left or right is
best. Blocking his hits will not work, as you will die after four hits. He has no armor
on the back of his legs; when you get behind him, hit his legs and prepare to
dodge again. After a few times of doing this, he will fall to his knees. You will be
able to jump on his back by pressing X. Strike him in the head with your sword
five to eight times. He will then throw you off if you do not jump off in time. Repeat
this three or four and he will die.

Defeating enemies quickly:
When you are on a cliff or platform with areas to fall off and enemies start
attacking in groups, just throw them off instead of wasting Sand Tanks or fighting
them all head on. This saves time, especially when you reach The Cliff as the

Play as maggot man:
When you reach the portal room for the second time, when you have to switch the
time to the present for the first time, the Prince will say that something is wrong.
You must run the switches on the wall to make the portal work correctly. Do not
run the switches on the wall. Instead, enter the portal as it is and you will switch
the time to the present. Save the game, then exit and load the game. You will now
be playing as the maggot man. In this mode you will constantly lose life and much
more health when hit than in normal mode. However your attacks will be very
powerful and you are much more quicker. Note: Save the game on a different file
if you wish to continue the game as the Prince.

Life Upgrade Pedestals
1: The first upgrade pedestal is right after you beat Shahdee. Walk up the stairs
and you will see a tall altar. Pull it back to open a secret doorway behind it. Follow
it throw avoiding the traps to obtain the first life upgrade.

2 (Past): The second upgrade pedestal is in the area where you first fight the Crow
Master. Make your way up the area to the stairway. You'll see a small metal grate.
At the bottom of the stores to the left there are some barrels and a switch. Hit the
switch, slow down time and make your way to the grate, roll under it. Go through
avoiding traps to get the second life upgrade.

3: When you reach the central hall after obtaining the serpent sword turn the
turnstile lever so that it faces the doorway with the save point fountain. Facing the
opposite doorway walk foreword and to the right, you'll see a ledge. Drop down
and wall jump back and forth to make your way slowly down. Once you get down,
drop down to the ledge below and wall run and jump off at the end and jump side
to side to make your way up. Wall run again and at the end wall jump from side to
side to make your way down to a ledge. Make your way to the doorway go
through and avoid the traps for the third upgrade pedestal.

4:When in the Mechanical tower you will eventually reach a Thrall who is throwing
spike beasts. Get him to blow up the left wall (Your left when facing the Thrall)
Walk throw and avoid traps to get the fourth upgrade pedestal

5: When you get to the Garden in which you see the whole breathtaking scene
make your way up to where you fight Silhouettes and Keepers. Walk to the left to
find a ledge where the fence doesn't continue, drop down, move, drop down and
wall run to make your way to the doorway across the gap. Walk in, make your
way through avoiding traps to find the fifth upgrade pedestal.

6: Once you turn on the water in Garden works via turnstile, wall run up the wall
behind it, walk in make your way through avoiding traps to find the sixth upgrade

7: In the Prison area after you beat Thrall and make your way up. Make your way
to the end of the left side and break a wall, you'll see a door. Head to the right
side and midway throw you'll see another cracked wall. Break it hit the switch slow
down time and make your way to the first wall you broke head throw and avoiding
traps to find the sevenths life upgrade pedestal.

8: Inside the library when you make your way up from the walkways beneath it.
You see a broken doorway, make your way throw it and get to the railings. You
need to jump to the other one and instead of heading to the ledge to the left, head
to the opposing doorway (which is still intact) Jump to the ledge and make your
way to the right side, jump up, and go through to find your way to the eight life
upgrade pedestal.

9: The ninth pedestal is located in the room in which you chase Shahdee and she
shuts the door behind her. You are required to make your way up and to jump on
a bar to open the door, as you make your way up you'll see a cracked grating.
Come back here when you have the scorpion sword and break the grate to reveal
a crate. Bring the crate out to the left wall, jump on it, wall run up and jump off to
reach a ledge above it. Follow the area throw to make your way to the ninth
upgrade pedestal.

With all pedestals found you will be able to get the Water sword which is in the
room before the throne room. It will be in the center. The Water Sword gives you
an alternate ending as it is the only weapon capable of defeating the Dahaka.

Light Sword
The light sword is the most powerful secondary weapon in the game. When in the mystic caves you come upon a door that you must unlock via switch. Directly after that door there is a drop in the floor. Drop down and break the left wall and break the rack to pick up the light sword. As with all secondary weapons it is unbreakable, but if you throw it you lose it for good. The light sword has maximum damage and maximum attack rate.

Secret Ending
To get the secret ending simply obtain all 9 life upgrades, when you get to the
room before the Empress' throne room there will be a new sword waiting for you.
It is the water sword and said to be the only thing that can kill the Dahaka. For
your final battle, instead of fighting the Empress you fight the Dahaka.

The Dahaka's attacks are repetitive and predictable. When far away he will shoot
his tendrils throw the ground up at you, run around in circles to avoid it making
your way ever closer to him. If you get too close he'll shoot out his tendrils directly
at you, roll to dodge them. As you roll slow down time and go in for some heavy
combo hitting, as you get him lower in health the Empress will help you and shoot
him off the arena, he will be stuck on the ledge, stock up on sand tanks (They
regenerate around the arena) and slow down time or use Ravages of time to inflict
maximum damage. He'll eventually get back up and jump at you, constantly roll
until he calms down and remains stationary. Repeat the same method as before
until he is defeated.
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