Чит коды на PlayStation 2 Hardware (PS/PS2)

Bypass DVD regional lockout (Japanese version):
Note: This trick requires an original non-analog PlayStation controller and a PlayStation2 console with the launch version DVD utility software and memory card package. Plug the controller into port one. Place a DVD disc in the system and hold Up until the DVD player menu appears. Release UP, and select the play icon.

Memory card backup:
First save it to your 1Mb Playstation and make sure it is in slot 1. Then make sure you have your PlayStation 2 memory card in slot 2. Go to the main menu and click on browser go to the grey memory card and press copy and it will copy on to your playstation 2 memory card. When want to put back on to your playstation 1 memory card just do the other way around. This is only a backup operation. You will not be able to load the file

Load games faster:
Turn on the ps2 and select browser. Then put the game or dvd in. Then in about 2-3 seconds it will show the cd on the screen. Select it and it will start in less than 1 second.

Faster loads:
If you turn on the Ps2 and bring the tray out, press triangle, go to playstation driver, press square and select "Fast" and "Smooth", quite a few playstation games will look better, and levels will load faster.

Use the Logitech WingMan Steering Force Feedback:
This steering wheel work for ps2 too. Just plug it into the usb port and everything will work!
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