Чит коды на Onimusha Warlords (PS/PS2)

Lots of Souls:
Wait for the first class demons -- the ones with an orange like hat -- to charge at you and hit them with the fire sword to get triple amount of souls.

Change Costumes:
If you want your character to look different, then complete the game and then start a new game. Remember to save before starting a new game. You will now see a "Normal/Special" option. Select the special option you will be shown in a panda suit.

Sneakpeak of Onimusha 2:
After you complete the game for the first time, save the game. Then start a new game. Look at the "Special Report" to see a small sneakpeak of Onimusha 2, which takes place 10 years after the events in Onimusha Warlords.

More souls:
wait for the enemy to attack and counter it with the thunder sword because this is the fastest so when you kill it it will release more souls

Final battle made easy:
When you are battling fortinbras hit him with the fire magic and his body will fall to the ground then kick him about 6 times then use your thunder orb keep doing this to beat him easily

Super arrows:
Enhance your arrows using the fire orb to turn your arrows into fire ones

Dark realm entrance 2:
There is a room where the man whom lets you into the dark realm appears it's in the keep on the 2nd left

Kaede outfit:
Get an S ranking at the end of the game to unlock a second costume for Kaede

Different gaunlets:
You will get a better shiny gauntlet when you collect 20,000 souls

Gold gauntlet:
Get 50,000 souls to unlock it


Character change:
To get the character change you will need to pick up 10 pieces of fluorite.

Oni Spirits mini-game:
If you collect all 20 pieces of fluorite, at the end of the game you will open up a mini-game called Oni Spirits.

Here is a list of all 20 pieces of fluorite:
1) The first piece is in the underground temple, north east of the seiryu.

2) the 2nd piece is after osric(first boss) destroy the pots and it is laying on the ground.

3) In the courtyard area, and next to the staircase their is a chest, holding an herb. The fluorite is on the shelf above the stairs.

4) On the 2nd floor of the courtyard, in the West area, their is a chest holding arrows, destroy the boxes to get another piece of fluorite.

5) Right after you meet Tokichiro, you will enter a room with the seiryu, fluorite and suzaku on your way to the stairs.

6) In the underground section (after you receive the wind orb), you will find a piece of fluorite in the iron maiden.

7) In the room you get the blue key in you will find another piece of fluorite.

8) (Same area) before the door that is locked with the blue key, there is another piece in the corner.

9) In the next section there is 3 pieces. You will have taken control of Kaede at this point. There are 2 pieces in the South west section along the wall in the corners.

10) In the East (middle section) there is another piece in the shelves. (The room with the silver plate in it.)

11) in the room to the north of the sacred knife their is another chunk of fluorite.

12) At this Point I suggest trying the dark realm, their is 3 pieces of fluorite in their, the floors that they are on is random. But by this Point, you should have the vision staff. Making fluorite "sparkle".

15) From the courtyard, go northwest. Then head north until you hit a room with a barrier held by a rope. Cut the rope and grab the rock.

16) On the top floor of the turret, you will find another piece, it should glow if you picked up the vision staff.

17) Next to the waterfall there is a building with two boats, the boat in the water contains a piece of fluorite.

18) You will have control of Kaede once again right from the start you will find a room with an herb and a journal, and against the wall with the herb you'll find another piece.

19) Go north of the mirror on the boat and in the room that you get to you will find another piece against the Southwest corner.

20) In the room to the northwest of the green key,(the room that leads to the decorated arrow) across from the ladder there is another piece.

Oni Spirits Orb locations:
Thunder orb stage 2,
Fire orb stage 4,
and the Wind orb is on stage 7.

New mode:
If you can finish all 12 levels on the mini game Oni Spirits, you will unlock a new mode. Choose this mode to start the game with the following equipment, The Bishamon sword, 99 soul absorbers, infinite normal arrows and infinite matchlock bullets.

Final score:
You are awarded a final score after finishing onimusha. If you have 30 points, you will receive S class, in which Kaede will have a new costume. 25-29 points will net you an A rating. For 18-24 points you will receive a B rating. 10-17 points will give you a C rating. And for 0-9 points you will receive a D rating. You are scored on how many demons you killed, how many souls you collected, how many pieces of fluorite you picked up and your play time.

Where to get the Bishamon sword:
To get the very powerful Bishamon sword you must complete the 20 levels of the dark realm. On the 20th floor, you will receive the Bishamon Flute. Upon entering the demon door, the bishamon sword will be in the room next to the mirror (on the East side). When you get to the sword use the bishamon flute and you will receive the Bishamon Sword.

** Oni Spirits fight-through **

So ya having trouble beating Oni Spirits. This is a great addition to an already great game with a great soundtrak and graphics as well as a storyline that kicks much ass. To top it off, win this mini game and you get the fabulous Bishoman sword which I gleefully call the Demon eater. It took me a while to figure it out but I finally found a solid way to beat oni spirits every time I play it and for those of you who are having trouble with it, well hold on to your butts because it's about to get nasty!

As I go through this Oni Spirits fight-thru, you will recognize certain techniques that I use and I will explain them to you as I go through hit but for starters, here are a few tips:

1. Never stand in front of a vase and swing. Always stand between the vases to maximize the amount of vases hit in a single swing.
2. Try not to perform combos when hitting vases. Although Samanosuke steps up when he swings. It is generally not far enough to get maximum effect. Always use primary swing for taking out vases as it is usually a large sweeping motion. Don't use the finishing move if you have more than one demon left on the board. It takes too much time to recover and you risk missing your quota as well as losing much life with loss of time.
3. Think! Most of the solutions to each level are very easy if you think before you act. You will see some of my solutions in the video area. Plan your strategy before you begin.
4. Don't be afraid to kill the demons. The good thing about killing demons is usually they carry yellow spirits which give you health. This will greatly aid you in your quest for the Ultimate mode.
5. Use your magic wisely. You don't have to kill the demons to win. Some demons, such as the big giant samurai demons have long swings but move very slow. Simply take out the vases around them or disable them by knocking them down and then clearing their swing area. Once this is done, you won't have to worry about them again.
6. Remember the R1 Button when using the matchlock or killing enemies. It targets the demons.
7. If you are killed by a demon you will die whether or not you have met your quota so be prepared to block!
8. Have some beer! (If you are old enough!) Beer helps your courage when playing games. A drunken fighter is a brave figher. Ten feet tall and bulletproof!

So let's go through this level by level and take a look at the strategies I devised for beating this game. Please not that the film is broken from level 6 - level 7 as I died on level 7 while recording I had to restart and began recording again at level 7. Don't worry, you should get the general idea. Bear in mind that this is not the only way to beat it, I am only giving you examples of the strategies that I used to win Oni Spirits.

Level 1
Items=1 herb (12 O Clock Position)

This is pretty cut and dry. Go break your way up the center to the demon, kill it, open the vase in the center and take the herb. Suck up the yellow spirits, then break the rest of the vases. It does not get any easier than this.

Level 2
Items = Thunder Orb (0930 Position), Bullets (0300 Position)

Another easy level however bear in mind that this level is also easy to lose if you mess around. Although the lower demons are stupid, they have large swings and can take out 3 to 4 vases at a time thus putting you quickly below your quota. The best way to deal with this I have found is to break your way toward the demon on the right and then knock him down thus breaking more vases, then move towards the demon on the left and kick him down or cut him or whatever. Get the thunder orb and arm it. Now take them both out and collect their souls. It should bring your health almost to full. Now break everything else.

Level 3
Items=Matchlock (12 0 Clock position last brown vase before blue decorated vase)

This level was so easy that I think I slept through it. Here is the perfect example of ignoring demons and not only getting your quota but also getting the most souls. Break your way toward the big samurai demon at the far north. Just over half way to him, you will reveal a chest. Open it and take the matchlock. Move to the rightof the chest and break the vase there. Next run around the front of the chest and to the left of the giant samurai demon and break those vases. (He will soon be swing at those so dodge away quickly) As you can see by doing this, we have eliminated him as a threat and there are no more vases in his range. Break your way south towards the bag of skulls. Take out the bag of skulls. The easiest way is with the matchlock. I however used my sword. You should now have your quota or be close to it either way suck up the souls released by the bag of skulls as they will replenish your health. Now break the rest of the vases and take the souls.

Level 4
Items=Fire Orb (SouthEast Corner) Bullets (Northeast Corner)

While this may look hard, it is actually very easy to pull off. There are two demons here but you cannot see the other behind the vases north, northeast of your position. Anyway follow my directions and you will never have to worry about this level. Break your way to the 1st demon on your left. Kill him. (3 swipes should do it!) You can even use a combo if you want. Break your way toward the second demon. Kill him also. Collect the souls. They should bring you back to full. Now break your way to the southeast corner and get the fire orb and equip it. This is the prefered vase breaking weapon as Samanosuke uses large sweeping swings to break the vases. Break your way to the northwest corner and grab the bullets.

Level 5
Items=Burst Bullets (10 O Clock position)

Here is where things start to get hard and strategy comes into play. We've got 2 large shogun demoms and a bag of skulls. This level was difficult and you may find yourself using a herb on this level. I know I had to when I was recording and found myself making silly mistakes but that's okay. Although I beat the level you will learn what not to do here. I will go through this level step by step as it can be extremely difficult to beat.

1. With the fire orb armed perform one big sweeping swing and block immediately to keep from getting hit by the giant samurai demon to your right
2. After the block, counter him with your fire magic. The block will automatically target him so all you have to do is push the magic button. This will also take out three vases behind him.
3. A corner will be created by your magic spell in the vases north of the demon you just hit and east of the bag of skulls. Move to the corner and perform on big swing. Rember to stand between the vases and not in front of them. This move will take out 5 to 6 vases. The PSX 2 will experience slowdown! ( that is how intense this move will be!)
4. Turn left and run past the bag of skulls. Take out the vases to the right of giant samurai demon number 2.
5. (This is where I messed up in the video so go by what I say here!) Target the giant samurai demon and sidestep right. Do this because the demon will be swinging at the vases you just broke! (Like the way I beat him to the punch huh!) Kill this demon. It should take about 5 swings. Notice that demon samurai #1 is out of range of anything. He is no longer a threat so ignore him.
6. Open the chest and take the burst rounds (Make sure you get this item because you will need it on the next level)
7. Break the line of vases to your south, (optionally, shoot the bag of skulls with your matchlock using normal bullets!) Be aware that this bag of skulls will not replenish your life.
8. Break the rest of the vases.

Whew! I broke a sweat fighting that level but once I figured it out, it remained challenging but it got much easier.

Level 6
Items=Herb (9 O Clock Position)

When you look at this at first glance you could say "That's impossible!" Not if you're Rambo though!

Take out the matchlock and use the burst rounds. Now start shooting. You should get all of the vases and the two demons. Sometimes there is one vase left. Worry not, usually when that happens there is also a demon left and he is pissed! He will be charging you. Simply arm your fire orb and hold down the R1 button. When he gets close enough, press the Square. "WWWWWHHHHOOOOAAAAA!!!!!" Samanosuke performs his side-stepping death move with the big yellow gleem! That's right baby kill them with style! You know what to do next so go to it!

Level 7
Items = Wind Orb (North center behind the 1st vase you see).

This sucker here is hard but not impossible. I had to devise a way the worked the best in every situation. I think this is it. Run to the center and perform a big sweeping swing with your fire orb. This should reveal the chest with the wind orb inside. Take the wind orb, arm it and use the magic. It should take a big chuck out of the vases in front as well as hit the two demons on either side. Move to the left of the chest and you have two options. The magic would have created a corner in the vases. Either move to the newly created corner and use the magic again or move just northeast of the westside demon and use magic thus killing it and the bag of skulls. Either way works. Just know that with the latter, you will have some vases left in the northwest corner. Next arm your fire orb and break all of the vases to your east or as I did in the video, run over to the east side and use the wind magic again. Now suck up everything thing because all vases should be destroyed there should be souls everywhere.

Level 8
Items=Holy Armor (12 O clock position) burst rounds (12 O Clock position 1/2 way)

When I first approached this level, I was intent on breaking vases. Sorry wrong mentality. Approach this level like a fight because these demons care more for breaking your ass than breaking vases. Here is what I did: With the fire orb armed, move forward and take out the vases in front of you. (1 swing!) Now arm the matchlock and shoot the closest demon in the face. It will be the one to the right. Arm the fire orb again and begin killing demons or keep the matchlock and use burst rounds and kill everybody. Either way works but the latter is harder because if they begin rolling at you, you have no way to block. The good part about this level is that each demon gives a large yellow soul which great life replenishment.

Level 9
Items=Burst rounds (1 O clock position!)

Oh my, it is a big nasty demon. The axe weilder with the huge swing. What am I going to do! Well you already know that he has a big swing so it means you have to take him out. He is the only threat so you have nothing to lose. Break your way towards him. Here is where controlled swinging makes the difference. Do not use combos to get to him. Swing once and let the vases fall, Swing again to get the ones that just landed, then move up and swing again. 3 large swings and 12 vases are down by you. Take out the vases in front of the demon then hit him with the fire magic. It will knock him down. Use Samanosuke's finishing move while he is on the ground. It will not kill him. When the demon gets back up, one swing will kill him after he gets up. Now break the rest vases and kill the bags of skulls with the matchlock. In the video as you can see I screwed up royally but I won the level. It cost me an herb but it shows that even though you make mistakes, you can still win if you keep your witts about you.

Level 10
Items=1 herb Northeast corner

It took me a while to figure this one out but I got it. There is a large samuria demon in the front behind the stacked vases. If you run straight ahead, two demons will be spawned on either side and it will be the fast ones too. At that point, it will not be possible to win. Runnng to the left or right will spawn only one demon at a time so here is what you do.

1. Run to the left of the stacked vases just slightly north of them and use your wind magic. You will know when you are in the right position as a three eyed demon ninga will drop from the ceiling. The wind will take him out and the stacked vases in the center.
2. Equip your fire orb and break the Northwest, then break the Northeast. (Be prepared to block the giant samuria's swing!)
3. Move towards the Southeast vase. Another demon will drop. Either kill it or keep moving and break the southeast vase.
4. Break the southwest vase. (Be prepared to block again as the three eyed demon ninga will continue to attack if you did not kill him earlier)

Level 11

While, we finally get a break from all of this difficulty and move on to something easy. Did he say easy! Yep this is an easy one. With the fire orb equipped, break your way towards one of the demon ninga. Kill it! Break your way to the next demon ninga. Kill it. Break your way toward the giant samurai up north. Kill it! Now break the rest of the vases. Like I said. Easy!

Level 12

This is it baby. The final level before I get to go through the game as a GOD! with a Bishamon sword, Unlimited ammo, 99 soul absorbers and unlimited magic. It is easy to screw up here so be carful. If these big Axe demons get even one swing, game over! Run up to the center, arm your wind orb and use your wind magic. It should hit the demons and break a crap load of vases. Move up again and use your wind magic. That should at lease kill one of the big Axe demons and take another big chunk out of the vases.

At this point, whether or not you have enough spell magic for another wind attack depends on whether you collected the recharge souls from the previous levels after level 10. If you did collect the recharge souls, then use the wind again and you should meet your quota and kill the rolly demon at 12 O clock. Next just pull out your gun and wax the big axe demon and either break the rest of the vases or relax because you will be at your quota and there will be no more threats.

If you do not have enough souls for another wind volley, switch to your fire orb and set the demon at 12 O Clock on fire. It will kill him. Now pull out your gun and start firing at the last Axe weilder (if there is one left after the two wind volleys) Now break the rest of the vases and bask in your success.

I actually got an S ranking before I finished Oni Spirits. I simply Zoomed through the game with Samanosuke and avoided most of the fights with Kaede. At the end of the game before I fought Marcellus, I had just under an hour left so I went to the Dark realm twice to get my kills above 600 and score to 56000 and some change..
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