Чит коды на NHL Hitz 20-02 (PS/PS2)

At the match up screen using square, triangle and circle in that order put these numbers in:
big head team: 2-2-0 left
extrabig head team: 3-3-0 left
get hitz time: 1-0-4 right
no fake shots: 4-2-4 right
get late hits: 3-2-1 down
get bigger hits: 2-3-4 down
shot speed dispayed: 1-0-1 up
show team's hot spot: 2-0-1 up
get bulldozer puck: 2-1-2 left
rain: 1-4-1 left
snow: 1-2-1 left
get tennis ball: 1-3-2 down
get big head player: 2-0-0 right
get huge head player: 3-0-0 right
crowd disappears: 2-1-0 right
get pinball board: 4-2-3 right
no puck outs: 1-1-1 down
no one timers: 2-1-2 left
get big puck: 1-2-1 up
get extra big puck: 3-2-1 up
disable previous code: 0-1-0 down
get unlimited turbo: 4-1-2 right
get skills versus: 2-2-2 down
get turbo boost: 0-0-2 up
first to 7 wins: 3-2-3 left
domino effect: 0-1-2 right
fights win goals: 2-0-2 left

Easy wins:
Stats or attributes do not make a big difference in your game. The way you play will affect your game. Remember what happens during game play (for example, when you have the puck and get checked down and your opponent scores). Never make the same mistake again in your game or you will most likely lose. Always keep the puck moving. While you pass the puck around in the defending zone, the opponents goalie gets tired so you have a better chance of scoring. A good location to put your hot spot (creating a team) is directly on the blue line dead center with the opposing net.
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