Чит коды на NCAA Football 2004 (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

# Butter Fingers cheat
Reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio to unlock the Butter Fingers cheat.

# Rose Bowl stadium
Reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio to unlock the Rose Bowl stadium.

# Orange Bowl stadium
Reach level 8 in your EA Sports Bio to unlock the Orange Bowl stadium.

# Fiesta Bowl stadium
Reach level 12 in your EA Sports Bio to unlock the Fiesta Bowl stadium.

# 2002 All-American team
Reach level 18 in your EA Sports Bio to unlock the 2002 All-American team.

# All-Time Notre Dame team
Reach level 24 in your EA Sports Bio to unlock the All-Time Notre Dame team.

# Extra campus challenge points
Play several games at the Heisman level, however alter the AI settings in the settings menu before playing. Set the CPU levels at their lowest, and the Human levels at their highest. This will force the CPU to make a lot more mistakes and you to allocate challenge points, which can be used to purchase pennants and unlock other secrets within the game. The play level is still very difficult, but with your added AI, you should be able to be successful.

# Identifying man-to-man coverage
When on offense, set a person in motion. If he is followed, the defense is using man-to-man coverage.

# Cornerback commentary
If you go to the rosters, you can edit a player's ranking skills. Set catching, carrying, and speed as high as possible for a cornerback and you can make him an effective wide receiver for your team. However, if he drops a pass Lee Corso will say " He's better at deflecting passes than catching them!" Note: Corso only says this if he was not already set as a receiver. The message usually is heard with a created cornerback put into the WR position.

# Kick fumbled ball
During your opponent's extra point or field goal attempt, move one of your defenders in position to block the snap. The ball will bounce off your defender and act as a fumble. However, the kicker will still be able to kick the ball, even if it nowhere near.

# Touchdown celebrations
When you score a TD, the word "Touchdown" appears. When it first appears, press the following button combinations. Note: This could also get you an 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.

L2 + Square: Player spikes the ball, points to the crowd, then beats his chest.
L2 + Triangle: Player bows to the crowd.
L2 + Circle: Player spikes the ball, then shrugs his shoulder.
L2 + X: Player does Heisman Trophy pose.
R2 + Square: Player will dunk on the Goal Post.
R2 + Triangle: Player will punch the ball towards the crowd.
R2 + Circle: Player will kick the ball into the crowd.
R2 + X: Player will throw the ball to the crowd.
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