Чит коды на NCAA Football 2002 (PS/PS2)

Unlimited Creation Points:
Create a player and go to Edit Player. Press Up or Down to choose the player, then press Right to get to Speed. Press X, X.

Easy sacks:
Select the fastest person on defense then hold Circle + R2 + L1. Release and he should do a spin move to get buy the offensive lineman.
Before or during a game, go to the penalty options in the options menu and turn off offsides, encroachment, and false start. When on defense, go past the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped and no penalties will be called against you. Note: There will be slight fatigue that the CPU will just move to the line of scrimmage after the ball is snapped. Just move the Analog-stick to regain control.
For easy sacks with a linebacker, do a dime defense if there is no tight end. Move in between the right tackle and right guard. No moves are required.
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