Чит коды на NBA Jam (PS/PS2)

Enter these at the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen:

S - Square
C - Circle
T - Triangle
X - X
R - Right / L - Left / U - Up / D - Down

Effect: Code:
Big Heads T, S, X, C, and keep repeating
Huge Heads T, C, X, S, and keep repeating
Power-Up Defense R, U, D, R, D, U
Max Power R, R, L, R, X, X, R
Quick Hands L, L, L, L, C, R
Power-Up - 3 points U, D, L, R, L, D, U
Raindow Shots U, D, U, D, R, U, C, C, C, C, D
Baby Mode S, C, and keep repeating

Extended Rosters
When you select your team, press Select and move the D-Pad counterclockwise twice. You will see the message "Extended Rosters" on-screen if done correctly.
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