Чит коды на Monaco Grand Prix (PS/PS2)

Don't be swayed by pretty paint jobs. If you want the fastest set of wheels available, select one of the cars from Teams 1 through 4 when running in anything other than Arcade mode. They may not look like their real-life counterparts but they are meant to represent the Ferrari, Benetton, McLaren, and Williams teams; and, just as in real F1 racing, they are the only cars capable of winning at the higher skill levels.

Although the default setups for each track are fairly close, some fine-tuning with the gear ratios, ride heights, and springing can squeeze out some valuable extra speed.

If you plan on running a full-distance race, you should opt for the softer tires. They're durable enough to last until half-distance, which, surprisingly, is about the same mileage as you'll get out of the harder compound boots.

Adjust the front and rear wing angles proportionally. If you spread their settings too far apart, the degree of oversteer or understeer that results can make your car almost undriveable.
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