Чит коды на Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Enter the following cheats at the cheat menu:

Cheat - result:
roadtrip - All cities in arcade mode
crosscountry - All cities in arcade mode
ontheroad - No damage
hyperagro - Increase car mass in arcade mode:
dfens - Argo special move:
allin - Zone special move:
Rjnr - Roar special move:
haveyouseenthisboy - Chrome body
trythisathome - Flaming head
getheadj - Yellow smile head
getheadk - Pumpkin head
getheadl - Bunny head
getheadn - Skull head
getheadm - Snowman head
kubmir - Add $1 to career money total
rimbuk - Subtract $1 from career money total
urbansprawl - Faster pedestrians
Note: This code also unlocks all cities in arcade mode.

Atlanta and Detroit police cars:
Successfully complete the game.

Cadillac Escalade ESV:
Win the second San Diego tournament.

Cadillac Escalade EXT Dub Edition:
Win the Hotlanta tournament located in Atlanta. You will also be rewarded $10,000.

Chrysler 300C "DUB edition":
Win the Balboa Park tournament in San Diego.

El Diablo Rigid:
Defeat Vanessa three times in career mode.

Nissan Skyline:
Win all tuner race tournaments.

Skully bike:
Win all the Chopper of America Bike Club races.

Flags option:
Collect all twelve Rockstar Games logos in San Diego to unlock the "Flags" option
in your garage.

Rockstar Games logos:
There are twelve Rockstar Games logos hidden throughout each level in the

Atlanta: When you get out of the garage immediately turn to the right. You will see
a glass. Crash through to find the logo.

Atlanta: Drive to the bottom of the map. Look for a building with a huge globe.
There is a logo that reads "Nitro Cola". A logo is located directly under that.

Atlanta: Drive to the graveyard in the south of the map (near the highway). There
is a logo at the east part of the building there.

Atlanta: Follow the highway until you reach a place with some construction work.
Drive off the highway (to your right side if driving north), and look for a tank
station. Follow the building around and you will se a ramp/road going up. Get
some speed, fly over, and you will land on the roof of building. The logo should be
in front of you.

Atlanta: Follow the highway until you se a building with a yellow sign on top that
reads "DJ Smalls". Across the road is a small parking area where you can see a
sign on another building that reads "Spike". Left of that building is a basketball
court and a logo.

Atlanta: Follow the building where you garage is located. Drive through the
skeleton's mouth and you will find a logo

Atlanta: When you are at the shipping station, immediately take a left turn. Keep
going down until you find a park. There will be a ramp-like object. Do not jump it.
Just go on it and keep going for a little bit. You will then be on the other side of it,
where the logo is located.

San Diego: Find the aircraft carrier and locate the ramp to jump onto the flight
deck. One logo can be found here, on the ramp.

San Diego: There is a logo behind the baseball stadium. Follow the highway to the
back of the stadium.. You will then se a small ramp. Drive up to find the logo.

San Diego: There is also a logo at the top deck of the aircraft carrier.

San Diego: Drive to the beach at the top left of the map. Follow the beach until
you see a small tunnel.. There is a logo in there.

San Diego: At the lower left of the map (near the aircraft carrier), follow the
coastline. There is no road near by. Follow the large building, and you will find a
little road that leads up to a roof. Turn left and you will see the logo.

San Diego: Almost at the lower right corner at the map, there is a huge parking
garage. When you are on the streets, drive to the bottom left corner of the
building. Drive up the ramp, turn left, and drive through the windows to find
another logo.

San Diego: To the far left of the map at the rollercoaster, drive up the ramp that
is located at the north of the rollercoaster. Ride to find the logo.

Easy money:
In a tournament race, do not finish the last race in first place, but in second or
third place. Note: Second place is worth more money. Do this as many times as
desired for fast money.

Agro special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode and is only available for SUVs, trucks, and
luxury sedans. The Agro meter is charged by hitting traffic and sidewalk clutter.
When fully charged, Agro can be activated (or used at a later time) by pressing
L3. Agro allows you to plow through the competition, swatting aside any car that
gets in your way.

Roar special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode, and is available to muscle cars and
choppers. The Roar meter is charged through successful drifting. When the special
move meter is fully charged, Roar can be activated immediately or saved for later
use. When activated by L3, Roar sends out an engine rev so loud that traffic will
do anything it can to get out of the way.

Zone special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode and available to import and exotic cars, as
well as sportbikes. The Zone meter is charged by driving cleanly and avoiding
collisions. Collisions will prevent the meter from charging. It is activated by
pressing L3. Zone simulates the adrenaline rush of racing at insane speeds by
slowing down the world around you to a crawl, allowing you to squeeze around
tight turns and get through narrow spaces with ease.

Weave through traffic:
When racing, turn left or right and press Circle. Your car will go on its side and can
weave through traffic.

Drive on two wheels:
Press L1 and the D-pad Left or Right. Your car will pop up on the left or right side,
and you can drive on two wheels.

Easy boost:
Get on an opponent's tail until the meter fills up on the right side of the screen
then press Nitrous.

Burnout boost:
Hold Hand Brake and Gas when getting ready for the race. After the screen
focuses on your car, release Hand Brake. If done correctly, when it is time to go
the meter on the right will fill up.

Faster street bike acceleration:
With any street motorcycle, use weight control and hold back to wheelie. You will
accelerate much faster, but will only be maxed at about 175 mph. Once you go
down you will go slower, and then reach 200+ mph.

Using hydraulics:
Press Down to get into the hydraulics setup. You can then press Left, Right, L2,
and R2 to use your switches.

Bouncing: Keep tapping D-pad Down.
Driving on three wheel or other motions: Get your car onto the wheels you want
and use the Right Analog-stick to drive backward and forward. Be careful; if your
are in three wheel motion decide to lift up the front right wheel from the ground
while driving, your car will veer to the right (realistically).

Pedestrians look at your car:
Drive up to a pedestrian (be careful not to run them over). Wait a little while. They
will start to admire your car. Some will even go down on their knees to look at
your rims. Others will go around the whole car to look at the entire thing.

Big explosion:
Find a gas station and drive into one of the pumps. There should be an amazing
explosion and you car will be reset in perfect condition.

Recommended cars:
Use the Chrysler 300C for the first autocross race.

1949 Chevy Fleetline:
Win the Bad Boyz tournament in Detroit.

1968 Corvette Stingray:
Win the All American Royalty races.

Exotic cars:
After you unlock Class A cars, you may notice that the really fast cars are
$250,000 each. In order to get that money, sell all of your other cars. The Cadillac
Escalade EXT is worth over $50,000.

Weight transfer and air tricks:
When flying through the air press, hold Circle and tilt the Analog-stick in whatever
direction that applies to the situation. For example, if you are going to land on the
rear, tilt the Analog-stick Forward to level out. Some cars have the ability to do
spins, flips, and spinning flips. Note: Bikes and trucks cannot do the aerial stunts.
Tuners are recommended for these stunts, though weight transfer works for all

Wheelies, endos, drive on two wheels, etc.:
When on a bike, hold Circle and press the Analog-stick Down to make the bike do
a wheelie, while pressing the Analog-stick Forward will make it do an endo
(stoppie). Tilting the Analog-stick Left or Right will decrease its turning radius. In
cars or trucks you will drive on two wheels. Note: Wheelies and endos will not
work on choppers as well as on the sport bikes.

Tuning your car, truck, or bike:
While in cruise mode, press Start to pause game play. Then, go to "Options", then
to "Tune Your Vehicle". There are three settings, "Drift Factor", "Traction",
and "Friction Bias". For all the drifters out there, set the "Drift" bar all the way to
the right, "Traction" to the left, and leave "Friction Bias" alone and it will slide like
it is on ice. Also, turning and nailing the gas from a complete stop will make it do
drifting donuts requiring no turning after about three times around.

Slipstream turbo:
When drafting someone (sharing the air from the car in front), you will see a
meter on the right-hand side of the screen fill up. When it is red and starts
beeping, press Nitrous and you will get a sudden boost, allowing you to leave your
competition in the dust.
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