Чит коды на Major League Baseball 2005 (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Unlockable Goodies
Create a new profile and use the listed name to unlock the corresponding goodie.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Unlock all cheats Ima Cheater
Unlock all classic teams Old Timers
Unlock all extras Gimme Goods

Put Legends on Any Team Glitch
First, purchase two Classic Teams (i.e. '27 Yankees, '55 Dodgers, '46 Red Sox...ect) from the Skybox after obtaining enough challenge points. Then go to "Team Rosters" (from "Manage Roster" menu inside "Options") and scroll to one of your Classic Teams. Highlight any player (from a Classic Team) and choose to trade that player. From the Trade Players screen, press L2 four times and Legends teams will be accessible to trade with. Complete a trade with your Classic Team. Now you can just trade a Legend from your Classic Team to any existing regular MLB Team!

No Sleeves In Franchise
In order to not wear sleeves in franchise, first got to a exhibition game and select the weather for the game. Now once the game has started, just exit out of that game and load your franchise, if done correctly, you will no longer be wearing sleeves but just the jerseys.
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