Чит коды на Madden NFL 2006 (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Under Madden Cards, Highlight Madden Codes on the drop down menu and press x. The game will prompt you to enter a code. Enter the following codes to obtain these Cheat Cards: (case sensitive)
All Cheat Cards are Bronze Versions.

Password Effect
2W4P9T #188 1st and 15 Bronze
2Y7L8B #189 1st and 5 Bronze
2Z2F4H #190 Unforced Errors Bronze
3D3Q3P #191 Extra Credit Bronze
3D8X6T #192 Tight Fit Bronze
3E9R4V #193 5th Down Bronze
3F9G4J #194 3rd Down Bronze
3H3U7F #195 Human Plow Bronze
3H8M5U #196 Super Dive Bronze
3J3S9Y #197 Da Boot Bronze
8Q2J2X Gold Donovan McNabb card
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