Чит коды на Madden NFL 2002 (PS/PS2)

Unlimited John Madden #298:
How to get JOHN MADDEN #298 every time you buy a pack of Madden Cards. First you need all 329 Madden Cards. Then pick a Madden Card you don't want, like CHEERLEADER CARD and sell all the cards you have for it till you have zero for that card. Then start buying Madden Cards, each time you buy a pack of Madden card you will receive a JOHN MADDEN #298. Once you have 15 JOHN MADDEN #298, Then sell back 14 of them. If you keep buying cards after 15. It will put you back to zero JOHN MADDEN #298.

Easy tokens:
Go to 2 minute drill and choose the all-madden team. then when the drill starts press start and go to coaching strategies.Then go to depth chart and put Randy Moss (WR) in Terrell Owen's (WR) spot. then use a a hail mary or all streaks play. And pass to Randy Moss as the L1 reciever then 9 out of ten times Randy moss will be way out ahead of the cb and this will get you a quick touchdown. I do this all the time to get Madden Tokens. you will usually score no less than 70 points this way.

Kickoff trick:
Upon kickoff after score, kickoff with onside kick to left or right. Bring arrow all the way back, kick the ball with NO force. Defense will get it every time.

Easy way to Get Multiples of cards:
First of all you have to star a profile and play games to get tokens. Then buy packs of cards. Now start another profile and do the same. Then save all the data. Now go to the trade screen and trade which card you want from the second profile to the first. Its best to trade three cards for one and then save the first profile but don't save the second profile. Now turn the power off. And turn it back on.

Glitch: 10,000,000 Tokens:
1) Change Only the SPEED of the all members of the Ravens D so that they all are at 15. Nothing else needed to do to the defense.
2) Edit all of your RBs, FBs, TEs & BACKUP WRs so they are at a 10 or less rating. Starting WRs put their Catching & Carrying to 0, leave the rest of their settings alone.
3) Change all of your QBs so that their Passing power & accuracy is 0, make sure they are rated at 10 or less. {i used Atlanta so i wil use Vick as my example}. Make Vick's SPEED, ACCEL, CARRYING, AWARENESS, STAMINA & AGILITY all 99.
4) Change all of your starting OL Pass Block to 99.
5) Save your roster under a new name (NOT DEFAULT!) this you will delete once you have your 10 million tokens.
6) Make sure you load your newly created roster, it should be already but just to make sure...
7) Start a 2 Min Drill on ALL MADDEN against the Ravens D (who now have no more than 15 speed that you adjusted) sure to pick your profile and the team that has your modified QB.
8) I suggest finding a play in the Single Back formation that has 2 WRs on the left and 1 on the right. HOT ROUTE the WR on the right and the TE to do a Down-n-In (left on d-pad). This will make the LBs help guard the pass over the middle but you will run right by them.
9) Run your QB to the right side of the field be sure to get close to the line of scrimmage so he starts to run like a RB then hit your speed boost and run away from the Ravens D to thepromise land (endzone). TD! TD!! TD!!!
10) you should be able to get 63 or 70 points for the game. If the D does somehow get a good play on you call a TimeOut to save your time. Run out of bounds if you see a penatly(sp?) being called.
When your game is over you should have a huge negative number as your score, quit and goto the MADDEN CARDS under OPTIONS. Check your stats and you will have your 10,000,000 tokens!

All teams from 1950-2000:
Go to exibition then press Circle once to get the all-star team from 1975-2000, then press Circle.
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