Чит коды на Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider (PS/PS2)

Level skip:
During game play, press UP, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, UP.

Hidden Autumn level:
Go to the Autumn level hallway and go to the right to find a black wall. Double jump through the wall into a hidden hallway, and enter the door at the end of the hall.

Hidden Back In Time level:
To enter the hidden level in Back in Time, enter the Back In Time level door from the opposite side.

Clock bonuses:
Collect the clocks during the game to get bonus points. The points can be used to unlock the following bonuses.

1 point - Character Sketch
1 point - Backgrounds And Characters
2 points - Background Sketch
2 points - Behind The Scenes
2 points - Storyboard
3 points - Intro Storyboard
3 points - Hidden Autumn Level
3 points - Hidden Past-Present Level
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