Чит коды на Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PS/PS2)

Hero mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Hero mode.

Fifth armor:
Successfully complete the game to unlock a fifth armor for purchase.

Sixth ship:
Successfully complete the game. Then, find the sixth ship's five hidden parts in
the other plane areas to access it. The five hidden parts can be found in the
following areas:

1. Near the landing area where you had the Hellcat repaired.
2. The bottom of the island of Part 1.
3. At "Far Land", inside the center area of the mountain area behind the
Phantom Blade.
4. In the area where you get ambushed later and Daxter hijacks and rides
guided missiles returning to their sender, locate the landing area for the
level (the lab where you get the Shield Eco power). Keep flying north into the
5. At Sector Zero (ship graveyard), north central area of the map on one of
the holes of the spike sword objects.

Bonus mods:
Successfully complete the game to unlock a third damage mod and second rate of
fire mod for purchase.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the cheats for purchase.

Collect the indicated number of Precursor Orbs to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Act I Scene Player: 5
Act II Scene Player: 5
Act III Scene Player: 5
Big Head Jak: 10
Big Headed Enemies: 15
Character Concept Art: 5
Dark Daxter Battle Helmet: 3
Dark Daxter Football Helmet: 5
Dark Daxter Kaiser Helmet: 7
Enemy Concept Art: 5
Energy Exhaust: 15
Great Beard: 7
Invulnerability: 80
Jak's Goatee: 3
Monster Mits: 30
Mustache: 5
Pheonix's Floatie: 10
Sasparilla Vision: 20
Storms-A-Coming: 20
Turn Safety Off: 30
Unlimited Dark Daxter Eco: 45
Unlimited Eco Power: 45
Unlimited Jak Ammo: 60
Unlimited Plane Ammo: 50
Vehicle Concept Art: 5
World Concept Art: 5
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