Чит коды на Herc's Adventure (PS/PS2)

Defeating the Caledonian Boar:
If you are so inclined to venture off the big ledge to find a hunter listening for the big boar, you'll have to stock up on spears to help him out. You'll also find those boar traps come in handy. Pick up the boar traps and proceed directly south through the small tunnel in the bushes. Then go west a couple of paces until you run into the spear salesman. If you have money, he'll sell you spears, and you better get them now, before the boar finds him. After you've stocked up on spears (if you're lucky eno ugh to have avoided the big boar), move back into the main area where you first saw the hunter and get ready. The Caledonian Boar will neatly burn passageways in the hedges that make nifty little mazes to go round-and-round. This makes it really easy to lay traps and stand in a convenient place to throw spears at the boar when he's busy spitting fire. Keep this up and he'll soon go out in a blaze of glory with a defeated cry. If you're ambitious and running low on health, there's a heart that will resto re your health in a blocked area just northwest of the main landing where you first saw the hunter. Run up to that area, hoping the boar will follow and get him in a position to burn an opening into the ledge. Once he's done that and moved on to another area, pick up the heart and use it if you need to.

Drumming the Drum:
ome boats go faster if you can get the workers to pick up their pace. The best way to get them to row at a faster speed is to get the pace maker to let you help. Just get right in there and hit the drum, the faster you hit the drum, the faster they row a nd the quicker you get to your anticipated location! With Atlanta, just hit the drum with your bow and arrow. With Herc, just use your club. With Jason, use your basic attack.

Level 1 Walkthru:
After starting your adventure and defeating one Cyclops, you'll immediately notice another annoying giant perched on the ledge as you round the corner. If you're playing Herc or Jason, you'll find, much to your dismay, that spears and special attacks don' t reach up where the Cyclops is standing. If you're playing Atlanta, you're at a particular advantage with her arrow-barrage. Hold down the attack button, place the crosshairs over the Cyclops and let it go. After four special attacks, the Cyclops will n o longer remain standing! This particular enemy (as with many others throughout the game), once defeated, offers a special reward that can be collected at the nearest Bonus Pedestal. Once you've defeated the enemies in this area, you'll come across a gat e. Once through that gate, you'll see the first Bonus Pedestal in the game, and if you have defeated that Cyclops, you will see one drachma bonus waiting to be taken.
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