Чит коды на Guitar Hero 5 (PS/PS2)

At the main menu, select "Options", "Cheats", "Enter New Cheat", then enter one
of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option. If you entered
the code correctly, a message will appear.

Unlock All Characters
Press Blue(2), Green(2), Red, Green, Red, Yellow.

Auto Kick
Press Yellow, Green, Red, Blue(4), Red. This mode automatically plays the bass
pedal for the drummer. Alternately, hit 200 non-cymbal notes on the "Mirror
People" song at the Angel's Crypt venue as a drummer. Note: Fills do not count
towards the total.

Always Slide
Press Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue. This mode turns all guitar
notes (not chords) into touch pad sliding notes connected by purple lines.
Alternately, hit 230 tap notes on the "Du Hast" song at the Neon Oasis venue
as a guitarist.

Press Green(2), Blue, Green(3), Yellow, Green. This mode changes almost all
notes into hammer-on/pull-off notes. Alternately, whammy sustain notes on the
"Hurts So Good" song for at least 25 seconds total at the Club Boson venue as
a guitarist.

Focus Mode
Press Yellow, Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green(2). This mode blacks out
the background. Alternately, hit 265 tom-tom notes on the "Brianstorm" song at
the Golden Gate venue as a drummer to unlock Focus mode under the "Extras"

Performance Mode
Press Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red(2). This mode removes the track
and HUD. Alternately, get a band multiplier with two players for 42 seconds on
the "Bleed American" song at The Aqueduct venue to unlock Performance mode
under the "Extras" menu.

HUD Free Mode
Press Green, Red, Green(2), Yellow, Green(3). This mode removes the rock
meter, star power gauge, and score display. Alternately, get "Excellent" on 75
consecutive phrases on the "Bring The Noise 20XX" song at the Neon Oasis venue
as a vocalist to unlock HUD Free mode under "Extras" menu.

Invisible Characters
Press Green, Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2), Green.

Air Instruments
Press Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3), Yellow. This mode makes all instruments
almost invisible; however, the guitar strings can still be seen. Alternately,
strum at least 340 chords on the "Sultans Of Swing" song at the O'Connel's
Corner venue as a guitarist.

Contest Winner 1
Press Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue.

Absolutely Nothing
Press Red(2), Green(2), Blue(2), Yellow(2).

Wormhole Quickplay mode venue:
Get a 4X multiplier for 50 seconds on the "Play That Funky Music" song at the
Sideshow venue as a guitarist to unlock the Wormhole Quickplay mode venue. Note:
This venue is required for The Grand Tour.

Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the indicated task in Career mode to unlock the
corresponding character:

Carlos Santana: Successfully complete the "No One To Depend On (Live)" song.
Johnny Cash: Successfully complete the "Ring Of Fire" song.
Kurt Cobain: Successfully complete the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" song.
Matt Bellamy: Successfully complete the "Plug In Baby" song.
Shadow: Get a 600 note streak on the "Lust For Life (Live)" song.
Shirley Manson: Successfully complete the "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" song.
Skeleton: Successfully complete the Platinum or Diamond drum challenge for the
"Brianstorm" song.
The Golden God: Successfully complete the Platinum or Diamond challenge for
The God Of Rock's Final Challenge.
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