Чит коды на Giants: Citizen Kabuto (PS/PS2)

ALPUN - Cheat menu
LILBUDY - Cheat shop, then press Select + UP during game play
MOLITOR - Invincibility
FALLOUT - Unlimited ammunition
38HK - Unlimited jet pack fuel
BGDA - Unlimited Mana
MBP4UJP - Level select
THEHARE - Faster movement
XTRASEE - Front view
KVIEW - Front view when playing as Kabuto
CLOSEUP - Close-ups
DOROTHY - Multi-color graphics
ANGRY - Red graphics
SNIPEME - Green graphics
UDDOIT2 - Blue graphics

Vimp Souls
In base missions while playing as Delphi, it is not necessary to hunt Vimps. You can also get soul energy from Sea Reapermen and the two kinds of Rippers that can burrow (but not the ones that approach the base along with the Reapermen.) In other words, you can hang around and defend your base while still powering the Persuader very nicely. With anything you kill, including Vimps, you must get close to the body before it disappears to get the soul energy (fairly easy, but a complete non-issue if you use the knife.) The soul gauge is located between the spell icons.
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