Чит коды на Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge (PS/PS2)

Alternate introduction sequence:
Remain idle at the first screen after the set-up screen., with "Press Start". Keep waiting until the screen changes. You will now view what would be an alternative introduction sequence with nothing to do with the game.

Collect all the babies during game play. The "Cheat Discovered" message will appear after the intermission sequence featuring the baby flying away on a jet pack.

Secret Flea area:
In the Lower East Quack level, go past the area where you hitch a ride on the subway train. Go to the end where you see a brown fence and a little hole at the lower left side. When you are there, turn left to find a Chang transport. Once you are Chang go though the hole, and on to the boxes. Chang will start scratching himself all over. You will then be transported on his back as a flea with a heavy-machine gun.

Secret level:
In God Machine Valley, in the beaver dam level go to where the big drill is located. Just beside the drill are some stairs. Go up and press the yellow button. The drill will turn around and drill a hole underneath the dinosaur skeleton. Change to Chang. There is a Change Sphere besides the big Viggo Industries box. Climb down the hole to reach the secret level.

Land Of Moles multi-player level:
In the first level in New Quack City, if you remember pushing a model building to block a camera, there is a computer in the computer room that is destructable. Shoot it until it explodes and you will unlock a secret multi-player level. Note: Your green target will turn red on the described computer . The target will turn red if you can shoot something and get a reaction -- keep that in mind when exploring.

Matrix-style scene:
In the Lower East Quack level, shoot three baskets in a row without missing on the basketball court. Press Start to start the view.

Fleas for Bungalow:
In the Jungle Of Despair, go to the elephant graveyard. To get in, take the wooden elephant that is near the village here. The fleas are on one set of elephant feet.
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