Чит коды на Extermination (PS/PS2)

Secret mode:
Successfully complete the game by finding all fifteen dog tags and Roger's knife. After the credits, and the funny candy girl song, you can save the game. When you do, you will notice that the save file is yellow and a star is next to it. When you load this game, it will begin with 300 bullets, 50 shotgun shells, 99 grenade shells, 1000 flame thrower capacity, and 25 missiles. You will also start out with an AT-6 Grenade Launcher. This has a six chamber revolving unit that you can use. You also get 25 recovery unit type A, 5 type B, 5 MTS vaccines, 5 booster shot type A, and 3 booster shot type B. However, the
enemies take double the hits to kill in this mode.

Expert mode:
Successfully complete the game after finding all fifteen dog tags and save. Start another game with the yellow "Rear Of Compound" save file (00:00:00 time). The game will begin with extra ammunition (500 bullets, 50 shotgun shells, 30 grenade rounds, 1,000 flame units, and 25 Ultimate Launcher missiles) and extra health items (20 Recovery Unit A, 5 Recovery Unit B, 5 MTS Vaccine, 5 Booster Shot A and 3 Booster Shot B). However, enemies will be more difficult in this mode.

After you recieve the first key card, Key card Alpha, you can go to an optinal room in the command center. The room is dark and you will have to use the spr4's light to see but at the end of the hall there is a ladder, go up the ladder and use your key to open the door. Inside is a clip and 12 shotgun shells (lower attachment).

Also if you go back to the lab in the security section (where Cindy writes the password) you can recieve a zooming scope for your rifle.

After you leave the compound and go outside use your battery on the detonator(it takes 4 cells) to blow up the tower. After you run down the tower hang a left and there will be a crate holding the flamethrower attachment for the spr4.

After you recieve the key from Sonja in the bar go to the garage,(first floor) and go into the artic cat. Inside you will find an 18 charge battery and some healing items.

Some monsters have a "core" that glows, AIM FOR THAT! They will go down a lot faster than just plugging away. They will keep these area's protected untill they just about attack that is when you zoom in with your scope and blow them away!
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