Чит коды на ESPN Winter X Games: Snowboarding (PS/PS2)

Night courses:
Successfully complete all four minute events in X Games mode (SnowborderX, Superpipe, Big Air, and Slope Style), to unlock Big Air & Super Pipe at night.

Bonus courses:
Win a gold medal in all X Games competitions to unlock:
- The Deep Freeze Mountain,
- Grind Or Die,
- Halfpipe Winter Style
- Four Slopestyle Events

Back Flip: Press DOWN.
Front Flip: Press UP.
BS Rodeo: Hold L1 or L2 + Down/Left. Press Down/Right if goofy.
Corqscrew: Hold L1 or L2 + Down/Right. Press Down/Left if goofy.
Indy Grab: Press Circle.
McTwist: Press Down/Left.
Mute Grab: Press R1 then press Circle.
Method: Press R1 then press Triangle.
Rodeo: Press Down/Right.
Tail Grab: Press X + Square.

Hard mode:
Unlock all 36 licenses in arcade mode under the normal difficulty setting, then press Circle at the level selection screen.

Gaining more sponsors:
Girst get a sponsor. As you win more contests, more sponsors will hook you up. If you decline an offer, the person with the offer will ask if you will repeat what you said. If you accept it, they will be happy - if not, they will look at you and say "we thought it was a good offer".

Winning more contests:
This trick works in the Triple Air event (Rank B). Do Misty Twists, and as you start to flatten out (look more vertical), start spinning into 1440s, 1620s 1260s and so forth. After the three air jumps, you should be in a position to at least score more than the high placer.

Keeping sponsors longer:
Once you win a competition in the Rank B contests in snowboarder mode, a person will approach and say that they want to sponsor you. Accept, and quickly save the game. If you lose the sponsor, immediately quit, and reload from the last save. You will have the same sponsor you had before they dropped you.
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