Чит коды на Devil May Cry 3 (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Cheat mode:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and rotate the Left Analog-stick until "Devil May Cry" is
spoken at the starting menu. This will unlock all bonus modes, alternate costumes,
and gallery entries.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting to
unlock shirtless Dante, under the normal or higher difficulty setting to unlock the
original Devil May Cry Dante, and under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the
shirtless original Devil May Cry Dante. Press L1 or R1 at the mission selection
screen to choose the new costume.

Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting. Note:
Higher difficulty settings will unlock additional selections.

Hard difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Dante Must Die mode:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Heaven or Hell mode:
Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode.

Play as Legendary Dark Knight/Sparda:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Unlimited Devil Trigger:
Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode.

Control loading screen:
Press Triangle to slash or Square to shoot at the "Now Loading" screen.

Alternate ending sequence:
Kill at least 100 opponents during the credits.

Infinite Devil Trigger:
Beat Dante must die mode to unlock the Devil Trigger.

Clip Reloading:
Tap L2 after firing a slow to reload weapon (i.e., shotgun) and flick it back to fire it
again. It is slightly faster than waiting for the weapon to reload.

Mission 6: Artemis:
Insert the last item into the statue in the Mute Goddess statue to get this weapon.

Mission 9: Spiral:
This weapon can be found on the platform in the subterranean lake.

Mission 16: Kalina Ann:
Defeat the Lady to get this weapon.

The Trial Of Intelligence:
In mission 5, the trial of intelligence involves a hazy and misleading clue. Take a
look at the skulls above each doorway and note how many "red dots" there are.
Each door will thus have one, two, three, or four red dots. Enter doors 4, 2, and 3
to claim the essence of intelligence. How this relates to the riddle printed on the
trial's pedastel is a question best answered by Capcom's translation department.

The riddle in Mission six for Trial of Intelligence is the classic "Riddle of the
Sphinx" from greek mythology. The Door with four dots represents a baby's hands
and feet as crawls on the ground. The door with two dots represents the two feet
of a young man standing upright. The door with three dots represents the old man
walking on a cane. Go in the doors in that order as instructed in the riddle.
Knowing this reasoning will better help a player remembering the order 4, 2, 3.

Pick A Boss:
In mission 18, you need to fight several bosses all over again. The different
coloured lights on each "Mega Man" boss platform corresponds to:

Orange - various demons
Light Blue - Cerberus
Gold - Gigapede
Green - Agni and Rudra
Red - Leviathan
Purple - Nevan
White - Beowulf
Blue - Geyron
Black - Doppelganger

Orb Mania:
A great place for orbs is the fifth secret mission found on stage 9. Go through the
level untill you get to the area where you get the spiral. Go through the
passageway underneath the waterfall and up through a small tunnel directly
across from where you. The secret mission is marked by a few bright glowing
crystals. Once inside you must destroy every breakable object within 40 seconds.
The jukebox contains 500 red orbs, although there are many other things to
smash as well. Since you can repeatedly pass/fail this mission and not encounter
any enemies, you can repeat this process for lots of easy orbs!

Mission 3: Cerberus Devil Arms move:
Successfully complete Mission 3 by defeating Cerberus to get the Cerberus Devil
Arms move.

Mission 3: Shotgun:
Can be found hanging on the wall of the front bar.

Dante swings on stripper pole:
In the strip club, press X then Triangle near the pole to watch Dante swing around.

Mission 5: Agni and Rudra Devil Arms move:
Successfully complete Mission 5 by defeating Agni and Rudra to get the Agni and
Rudra Devil Arms move.

Mission 5: Breath Of Fire reference:
At the end of Mission 5, after defeating the two brothers, they will tell you their
names. Agni and Rudra are the names of the last two dragon transformations you
receive in Breath Of Fire for your hero.

Mission 6: Artemis:
Insert the last item into the statue in the Mute Goddess statue to get this weapon.

Mission 9: Nevan Devil Arms move:
Successfully complete Mission 9 by defeating Nevan to get the Nevan Devil Arms

Mission 9: Spiral:
This weapon can be found on the platform in the subterranean lake.

Mission 12: Quicksilver style:
Defeat Greyon at the end of Mission 12

Mission 14: Beowulf Devil Arms move:
After completing Mission 11 by defeating Beowulf, collect the weapon at the start
of Mission 14.

Mission 16: Kalina Ann:
Defeat the Lady to get this weapon.

Mission 17: Doppleganger style:
Defeat Shadow Enemy at the end of Mission 17

Mission 19: Yamato Devil Arms move:
Play as Vergil in Mission 19 to use the Yamato Devil Arms move. It is only usable
in the Boss fight in this mission after Dante is taken by the Boss.

Glide while in demon form:
You can glide while in demon form by having the Rebellion equipped. Hold R1 + X
to glide. This move will not appear in the library, but is automatically learned.
Alternately, you can purchase the Air Raid maneuver for the Nevan weapon.

Fire the shotgun faster:
when using Ebony & Ivory and the shotgun, you can shoot the shotgun faster by
firing, switching to Ebony & Ivory with L2 (default), firing once or twice with them,
then switching back to the shotgun. If timed correctly, you can fire the shotgun as
if it were one of your pistols. Note: This trick can be used with other weapons,
such as Artemis, but may not work as well.

Subliminal messages:
At the ending or beginning of every mission there is a subliminal message during
an intermission sequence. For example, at the start of mission 7, when the FMV
sequence plays Dante wipes blood off his forehead onto a wall, which runs down
into the figure "7". Sometimes the number is in the murky clouds and at other
times it is found in hard to see places.

Devil Trigger power-up:
On the mission where you battle the redhead, as soon as you go under the
waterfall into the other part of the level, you will enter a cave. Go straight and to
your left to find a large Devil Trigger power-up in a crystallized sanctuary hole.

Easier style ratings:
To receive easier style ratings, attack with a weapon. Then, after awhile switch to
a different weapon. Try different combinations with different weapons.

When faced with a lot of enemies, your sword is always very useful. However if
you throw it, it becomes even more useful. You can throw your sword at an
enemy by locking onto them, then pressing Forward + Circle. Dante will throw his
sword into the enemy. Your rating will instantly go up. Go up to the enemy and
attack it., Your ratings will be at "Sweet" by this point if done correctly.

Mission 9: Easy Red Orbs:
There is a secret mission in a cave area just before you go onto a path where you
fight Nevan, who is the Boss in this mission. You will see a red glow in the cave.
Go up to it and press Circle to enter. You will now be in a secret mission where
you must destroy all the items in a bar, similar to the place in Mission 3. It is very
easy, and you can get 1,000 to over 1500 Red Orbs in one play through, plus a
Blue Fragment. When you get four of these, you will get a life bar upgrade. If
done about twenty times, you can easily get over 20,000 Red Orbs in about
twenty minutes. This is also helpful if Nevan is proving difficult and you need Red
Orbs to buy Vital Stars and Yellow Orbs. Buy only one Yellow Orb at a time. By
doing this, you can stock up on Vital Stars and other items that will help you
defeat Nevan.

Mission 12: Defeating Greyon:
After the intermission sequence of Greyon (blue horse with carriage) smashing
through the other enemies, immediately run to the door and stay in the corner.
When Greyon charges at you, fire Ebony & Ivory at him. Before he hits you, he
will vanish and appear on the other side of the bridge. Also, notice that you have
not taken any damage. Repeat these steps until the bridge collapses, then get
ready for the real fight.

When you begin to fight the horse with the carriage, the life of the horse is not in
itself -- it is in the carriage. You will win faster and easier if you attack the
carriage instead of the horse. To help kill it on the bridge section (the upper floor),
your will be forced to use your guns, Try using the handguns fully updated. When
you get the chance when it stops, use your sword. When the life of the
horse/carriage gets about one quarter down, the bridge will collapse and reveal a
gladiator-like arena. It is in this area where your guns will not mean much. The
horse will run around the arena in the circle. After four or five rounds, it will come
towards the center of the arena and breathe. It is here where you pop into Devil
Trigger and unload on it. If you do this consistently enough, the horse will
collapse, giving you more time to kill it.

Mission 12: Easy level ups:
When you have the haywire neo-generator you can take the train back and forth
for easy experience. They often drop small Green Orbs to replenish health.
Alternately, replay any secret mission that you can fight enemies in.

Mission 3: Secret Mission 1:
Once you are in the area with the Red Orb statue and the three red flame statue
just before Cerberus, there is a metal door off to the right. Push Circle in front of
it to enter the secret mission. If you win you will receive a Blue Orb piece.

Mission 4: Easy Red Orbs:
At the start of the mission, go back to street area just before you fought
Cerberus. Get all the Red Orbs in the area. Press Start, save the game, then
select "Restart Mission". You can do this all over again without having to fight any
enemies. You get about 2,800 orbs per visit.
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