Чит коды на Dark Cloud (PS/PS2)

Easy money:
Go into the divine beast cave then get alot of prickly fishing bate and sell it for alot of money.

Ice Queen's defeat:
The EASIEST way to beat the Ice Queen is to collect (or buy in Queens, Joker's store) about ten to fifteen fire gems. When you see the Queen lock on to her and start firing away. You can load nine gems in each active box so reloading is not needed. The Ice Queen gets stunned from the first hit allowing plenty of time to keep firing the fire gems at her. You can beat her quickly and receive little to no damage if done quickly enough!

Beat the King Curse:
You must have Ungaga well equipped with a strong weapon, blow away the man shaped black cloud and beat on the coffin as soon as you can see it (inside a circle made when the black smoke moves away).

Beat the moon champion:
Stand behind a barrel and when the champion runs up to start drinking it run around the back of him and hit him. Repeat until he's dead. If done correctly you'll never recieve any damage.

Easy level ups on your weapons:
Get a strong weapon and kill an enemy with it. Before the monster disappears, switch to a weaker weapon. If done correctly the weaker weapon should get all the ABs.

Fishing hint:
When fishing, don't EVER turn off your vibramode in your controller. It may not look much but it defintely helps. With practice you don't even have to look at the fish to know it's caught.

Use Thrust Saber:
Tap the directional pad twice forward and let go when in front of enemy and attack.
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