Чит коды на Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest (PS/PS2)

Save exploit:
Make sure you have room on your memory card for more than one save.
The idea behind the cheat is to import your own character into a map
you control. So, if you are after experience fight your way through
the game to a boss fight with an easily accessible save point. Fight
the boss down to the last hit and then withdraw to the save point.
Save the game, this will be the map reference. Now, go ahead and wander
back towards the boss and kill him. You gain the xp and loot of the boss
fight. Return to the save point and save your game on < Create New Save
Game >. This will create a new save that we'll use to import from. Now,
exit the game and reload your map reference save (1st save). Once inside
your game, hit start and go to Add/Remove Players... Highlight your own
character and hit triangle to import a character. Import your character
that already has the boss experience into the map reference save you created
and you now have the opportunity to kill the boss again (in one blow no less)
and regain his xp and loot.

Item and Money Duplication:
To do this trick you need at least one memory card and two analog controllers.
This only works in the regular campaign, so you cant cheat online.

To do the cheat, you basically import your character while playing on your
second controller, dump his equiment and money on the ground, and the real
character on controller one can pick up the items and money. Be careful not
to leave the items on the ground as they may dissapear.
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