Чит коды на Castle Shikigami 2 (PS/PS2)

Easy kills:
Choose KO as your Character. At the beginning of each level hold SQUARE
through out the entire level. This attack will kill all the enemies.

Debug mode:
Press Right(2), Left(2), Up, Down, Up, Down at the demonstration screen.
Two rows of debug information will appear.

Chibi (Young) Fumiko:
Highlight the Shiki-2 version of Fumiko
at the character selection screen and press Right.

Additional credits and extra options:
Accumulate one hour of game play to get one additional credit.
After accumulating six hours of game play, you will be in free
play mode (unlimited credits) and unlock the "Extra Options" menu,
with the following options: enemy bullet size, enemy bullet speed,
size of T.B.S. distance, game speed, patterns of the bullets in Extreme mode.
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