Чит коды на Bujingai: The Forsaken City (PS/PS2)

Prolong Combo Timer:
The combo hits can be made to linger on screen if you have Lau strike an object
like a jar or sign. Although the hit does not count as a combo hit, it will
prevent the combo chain from breaking so you have a short time to find another
enemy to continue adding hits.

Extended Glide:
On Hard and Extreme, Lau Wong will need to cross very large gaps in some stages
without benefit of an Iron Soul Mirror (which you can usually air-combo to get
across). After gliding, press TRIANGLE to do the spin slash, then press X to
glide a subsequent time. You can repeat this over and over to cross large gaps,
but you lose altitude each time you press TRIANGLE.

Unlockable List:
Unlock these features by collecting Coins:
5 Coins : Press Release Video
10 Coins: Gackt Interview
15 Coins: Gackt's Design:
20 Coins: Picture of Lau
25 Coins: Gackts Outfit
30 Coins: Lau Image
40 Coins: Hirokazu Yamadera Interview
50 Coins: Ou Tian Zai's design
60 Coins: Sakamoto Maaya Interview
70 Coins: Oni 2 Image
80 Coins: Norio Wakamoto Interview
90 Coins: Oni 3 Image
100 Coins: Oni 4 Image
110 Coins: Ou Tian Zai and Lei Zhen Long Image
120 Coins: Demo and Tokyo Game Show Video

Alternate title screen:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty settings
to unlock two different title screens.
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