Чит коды на ATV Offroad Fury (PS/PS2)

Unlock Ravage 1000cc:
Complete the pro career mode, or enter pro career mode, select an empty slot and enter as a name CHACHING and if done correctly it will take you back to the menu.

Expert mode:
Choose pro-career mode, then enter the name ALLOUTAI.

Unlock All Tracks:
To unlock all of the tracks in the game, enter the name "WHATEXIT" after selecting Pro-Career mode. The game will take you back to the main menu if you did this correctly and you can enter your real name.

Fast racers:
Select pro-career mode, then enter ALLQUIKI as a name. All racers will have the speed of the Ravage1000cc Quad ATV.

All Tracks and Bikes:
Pause the game and press L1(x3), R1(x3), X the screen should wiggle.

Glitch: Odd camera angle:
Hold R1 + L1 + camera Analog-stick Forward. The view will zoom in to about six inches away. It is difficult to steer, so exercise caution.

To preload, press Down at bottom of a jump then press Up and to fly like a jet.

To do tricks, hold Triangle or Circle and move the Left Analog Stick or D-pad in any direction.

Quick resume:
Press L1 + R1 if you go off-track or crash to quickly resume the race.

Press Right + Triangle to do the Split-X trick.

Explode off your ATV:
Go off a jump and get big air. While airborne, do the Scissors move (Down/Left + Triangle) then hold that so you continue to go in the Down/Left motion. When you are far enough into that motion, you will launch off your ATV.

Worst four wheeler:
The worst four wheeler is the Lime Green Kawasaki.

Best four wheeler:
The best four wheeler, besides the bonus vehicle, is the Polaris 500.
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