Чит коды на Armored Core 2: Another Age (PS/PS2)

High AP, well balanced suit:
For a high AP, well balanced suit use these items. It'll cost 700,700 c
Head - EXD-GN-92
Core - ZCH-GR/1
Arms - ZAN-707/E
Boosters - NONE
Generator - GPS-BVX/10
Radiator - RRX-COT-GK10
Inside - NONE
Extention - EEX-AM45
Back Unit R - EWR-L24
Back Unit L - EWR-L24
Arm Unit R - ZWG-XC-IR/K99
Arm Unit L - LS-Moonlight

Hint for last Mission:
In the last mission when you are requested to take out Antares in the Rapture space elevator, there are 2 ravens you need to kill in the last room. Take out antares first when you have your full strength, because his partner has very weak right and left arm units. After your best ammo is near depleeded and your ap is somewhere around 1000 or 2000, his weaker partner will be EXTREMLEY easy to take out.

Well balanced AC:
Ive done some experimenting and tried to find a well balanced AC that didn't come out to overweight, so the ppl who havent won yet can still enjoy a reasonable & deadly AC. I came up with a non- overweight AC that has a rating of over 43000. Here are the parts needed, and stats of the AC (* = not avalable in shop/hidden in level):

Head: *EHD-GN-92
Core: ZCH-GR/1
Arms: ZAN-202-TEM
Booster: *ZBT-GEX/3000
Generator: HOY-B999
Radiator: RPS-MER/A3
Inside: INW-DM/R11
Extension: BEX-BRM-04
Back Unit R: EWC-GN44-AC
Back Unit L: ZWM-M24/IMI

AP (life): 9781
Offensive Point: 10365
Defensive point: 3573

Use any optional parts that you fiond to your liking. This AC mostly works well in arena mode, but still proves well for missions.
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