Чит коды на Arc the Lad: End of Darkness (PS/PS2)

Better Than Cure:
Once you become a apprentice, make sure to have two Cures and four
Magical Stones. Both can be bought in town of Yewbell for 200 gold each.
Synthesize the Cure and Magical Stone to make Cure 2. Then, use Cure 2
and a Magical Stone to make Cure 3. Once you have done this, put the Cure
3s together to make Healing Card. The Healing Card will refill your HP at
a rate of 10 every three seconds without wasting your card points. This
will make the capture missions very easy, because you will be able to heal
yourself just by moving to someplace where you will not get attacked for a
bit. Also make sure that you use the Magic Expert to make the Cures and the
Special Parts expert to make the Healing Card. Also, once you find a Universal
Cloth, synthesize it with the Healing Card to make Healing Pygmy. It will heal
10 HP every two seconds. You can also make the Healing Card and then sell it
repeatedly to make a profit of 300 gold each time.

Unlock Lillia Card:
When the game starts you can upload Arc The Lad Twighlight of spirits clear data,
when you do this it gives you the Lillia card which can later be processed into the
character Lillia.
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