Чит коды на All-Star Baseball 2002 (PS/PS2)

Bonus teams:
Enter exhibition mode, then repeatedly press L2 + R2 until the sound of a dong is heard. The Dingers and Islanders will now be selectable under the 90's teams.

Get the superteam dingers:
To get the superteam dingers in batting practice go into batting practice. Next go to the player select. All at once press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2. If you do this right the screen should switch to the dingers team.

Alternate uniforms:
Press L1 or R1 in exhibition mode. Hold L2 + R2 to select alternate jerseys.
Alternate uniforms during season mode, press L1 or R1 + Up or Down at the controller selection screen. Note: This can only be done on a Sunday.

Super fastball:
Pitch with Randy Johnson and select his fastball. Aim it as low as it can go in the strike zone. Hold X (his fastball) and bring it up towards the middle of the strike zone. The pitch will as fast as 100 to 105 mph.
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