Чит коды на Aero Elite: Combat Academy (PS/PS2)

Unlock aeroplanes
Complete the following objectives to unlock more airplanes.
F-15J Finish 10 scrambles
F-2B Finish 50 scrambles
F-15 Aggressor 1 Log 50 kills
F-15 Aggressor 2 Log 100 kills
F-15C All ACM objectives at Aero Meet
C1 Beat maneuver objectives at Aero Meet
Oh-6 Finish helicopter training
F-104J Reach Mach 2.0
A-10 All ground training objectives in Training Mode
F-14B Test Bed Reconnaissance Mission 2
Su-27 Fighter Reconnaissance Mission 3
F-105 Drone Fly 50,000 feet in Training Mode
F-86 Fighter One hour in Training Mode
Blue Impulse T2 Trainer Get the Blue Impulse logo on the bay map.
Blue Impulse F-86 Fighter Get the Blue Impulse logo on the island map.
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