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Twisted Metal Black (PS/PS2)

Invincibility & infinite turbo:
During Gameplay, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP.

God Mode:
Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press UP, X, LEFT, Circle. If entered correctly a message will appear. Enter again to disable.

Super machine guns:
Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press X(x2), Triangle. If entered correctly a message will appear. Enter again to disable.

Exchange weapons for health:
Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Triangle, X, Square, Circle. If entered correctly a message will appear.

One-hit kills:
While playing a game, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press X(x2), UP.

Special freeze attack:
While playing a game, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press RIGHT, LEFT, UP

Alternate weapon view:
Press Select + Right

Energy Attack List:
(Note: These are put in during the game)

Description: Command:
Freeze Ball - UP, DOWN, UP
Charge-Up Mine - RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN (hold down for one second)
Invisibility - LEFT(x2), DOWN(x2)
Shield - RIGHT(x2), DOWN(x2)
Jump - L1 + R1 Simultaneously
Rear-Fire Weapon - LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN + weapon fire button

Unlock Minion:
Beat the game with everybody including other hidden characters.

Secondary "Special Attack":
You can get a secondary "Special Attack" with some characters such as Axel and Shadow, there may be more I don't know...but anyway, you have to have the "Special Attack" icon highlighted to get it to work (It will also cost you one special per attack),then press "UP" 3 times to activate the other special attack. Axel pulls his two giant tires together and makes himself a human tire (I guess you ram enemies with it, it is actually kind of weak, but it looks cool!) and Shadow pops up from her car and machine guns the closest enemy.

Unlock the warhawk level:
In the junkyard level destroy the big green guy near the big crusher. Watch for a piece of him that makes a ramp. Use that piece to jump onto the crusher. When you get to the top blow up the building that you will see.Go to where the building was and look for a black box floating in the air. When you find it drive into it and the warhawk level will be unlocked.

Play your own music:
To play your own music, you first have to select a level. then wait until the level loads. Open the lid take out the game, place your music c.d. and close lid. it will work but you can only play one track.

Skyscraper Multiplayer Level:
Turbo off the round arena in the direction of the tanker truck spawning point. Fall to the black cube.

Prison Passage Multiplayer level:
In Midtown Suburbs, head toward the carnival entrance. Turn left and jump over the dirt hill landing on a building top. Hop along the buildings until you get to the one with the power missile on top. Blast the vent, drop inside, and grab the black cube.

Unlock hidden characters:

To Get Yellow Jacket:
He is found in the Junkyard Level. You will see a plane flying in the background, you need to shoot this down with a missile. The easiest way to do this is get onto the roof of the Incinerator (the round building with ricochets on top and flames on the sides). As the plane flies by to the left (the left if you are facing the elevator/crushing thing) shoot homing misled a little in front of the plane to knock it down. Once the plane falls go down into the pit near the environment trigger (the gun on the wreckage) the plane will have crashed into he side of a building down there and a hole will open up. drive down it and collect the weapons. At the bottom there is a control panel, shoot it and it will lower Yellow Jacket.

To Get Warthog:
In the Suburbs head up to the Ferris wheel. (say you are facing the Ferris wheel head on from the front) drive off to the left, you'll run over trailers and see a hill in front of you and a gas can on the hill aim for this and launch off of that hill. Try to land on the first building in front of you. If you land just right you could break open the roof and fall in but if not you should be able to use the gas can to blow open the top right hand corner (that direction is based on you looking at the building while on route to it off the hill) it should blow a hole thru the roof....drop down in there and shoot the panel to lower Warthog (formerly called White Knight).

To Get Axel:
In the Freeway level (not the Highway loop) grab a few fire missiles and head off to the construction yard you should see two cranes. One to the left and one to the right your target is the one to the right. You will see a Control cage hanging in the middle of the crane all you need to do is hit this once with a missile. The best way to do this is angle yourself driving at the hill with a straight line between you and the Control Cage. Hit a turbo and launch off the hill. While in the air launch a missile. If done correctly the missile will hit the cage and cause the crane to lower a box. Drive over to the box and shoot it until it opens and gives you Axel. This one may take a few tries to get it is the most difficult character to unlock.

To Get Manslaughter:
In the Prison Boat stage once the boat docks and you can go onto dry land, Drive down to the front of the boat on the dock. If you are facing the front of the boat (the prison entrance should be behind you) drive to the left of the boat, you will see some blue crates and a health pack on top of the crates. Fire a missile at the crate on the left and it will break in half forming a ramp. Drive up the ramp and shot at the hull of the boat in front of you. After a moment of fire it will open and you can drive inside the boat. You will see a control panel, blast it to unlock Manslaughter.

Unlock Multiplayer Levels:

When you're at the lower Repair Station and you want to drive to the hollowed airplane tunnel, shoot the billboard or ramp into one of its posts to knock it down. In that gap to the right between the buildings is a Black Cube; you can get it, but it will cost you a life -- it opens up Sewers level in Multiplayer mode

Highway Loop:
Go the Highway Loop Level and kill off about six to seven of the combatants. Drive to the raised, broken bridge (with the two health pick-ups and another pick-up in between), and find what looks like a power plant, directly off the road. There are about two to three giant steel balls there. Shoot the one closest to the bridge with a Gas Can (the projectiles don't work well for this), and it will break off and start rolling. Make sure to stay clear of its path, or you'll be squashed. Follow the ball and when it crashed through a wall, follow into the newly opened area and find the Black Cube inside. Health and weapon pick-ups are also inside. Black Cube opens Elevators Level in multiplayer.

Open Mini-Suburbs:
To open the Mini-Suburbs for multiplayer action, get 10 Kills in Endurance Mode in the Drive-In arena.

At the Downtown level, locate the set of buildings connected at the second story on one side of the river/bayou. You can find it easily when you drive between them, since there is a big section of wall that is very visible that you can shoot out to get to the elevators. There is one on each building. When facing the buildings from the river, take the left-hand elevator up. Then, circle around to the back of the building. Along the way you will notice that the ground changes color. About one car length to the left of that line is where you want to creep to the edge and barely fall off. You should hit the cube while falling. If not, you should be on a different level off of the ground -- jump (press L1 + R1) to get the cube. It can be seen from the ground floor once you know where to look. The Cube get's Minion's Stadium level in Mulitplayer mode.

Snowy Roads:
Go to the spot in the level with an open lot with a gas station. Go to the edge of the cliff there and you'll see it floating there. Just drive over carefully and grab it. Cube = PowerPlant
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