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Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing (PS/PS2)

Quick start:
Hold R2 + X (accelerate and jump) a moment before the final start light illuminates to get a speed boost off the starting line.

At the main menu, press following keys to unlock:
AAT battle tank - Circle, Square, Circle, Square.
Boba Fett - Square, Circle(x2), Square.
Naboo Kaadu racers - L1, R1, L2, R2.
Power Queen Amidala - DOWN, Select, UP, Select, LEFT, RIGHT, Select.
Shark racers - UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, Select.
Arena Battle tracks - UP(x2), DOWN(x2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT.
Death Star mode - R1(x4), UP, LEFT.
Super honk - Circle(x4), L2, Select.
backwards racing - L2(x4), Circle, Select.
Fast and small racers - L1(x4), R2, Square.
Spinning mode - UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN.
Slippery mode - LEFT, RIGHT, Square, Circle, L1, L2.
Infinite boost - L1, R2, L1, R2, Square, Select.
Space Freighter arena - L1, R1, Select, Circle.

Switch language:
To German: Press Select, Select, Select, L1 at the main menu.
To Spanish: Press Select, Select, Select, R1 at the main menu.
To French: Press Select, Select, Select, R2 at the main menu.
To Italian: Press Select, Select, Select, L2 at the main menu.
To English: Press Select, Select, Select, Circle at the main menu.
To Jawa: Press Select, Select, Select, Square at the main menu.
To Battle Droid: Press Select, Select, Select, Up at the main menu.

Unlock All Tracks:
Start a 2 player team game and no matter what you can't get below third place, which will give you the next track available. Repeat through all of them and you get them all.

Unlock Galaxy Circuit:
Finish each race as one of the top three.

Unlock Reverse Mirror Tracks:
Win a gold medal on the Galaxy Circuit with any character.

Unlock Darth Vader:
Win a gold medal on the Galaxy Circuit with Anakin Skywalker.
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