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Star Wars: Demolition (PS/PS2)

At the Jedi Mind Trick screen, press L + R and enter any of the following "Codes":

Code: Effect:
WATTO_SHOP - All Characters
RAISE_THEM - Invincibility
LOW_MO_ON - Slow-Motion Mode
MULTI_CARS - Same Multiplayer Vehicle
EXTRABUTTS - Alternate Controller Config
NO_PEEKING - Random Mode
NO_BADDIES - No Battle Mode Enemies
BFM_FEELIT - High Gravity
LO_GRAV_ON - Low Gravity

Unlock characters:
Beat the game with at least 10.000 credits with the following characters to unlock more characters:

Beat with... unlock:
Boba Fett & Wade Vox = Tamtel Shreej
General Otto&Tia&Ghia = Pugwis
Aurra Sing & Quagga = Wittin
Tamtel = Shreej, Pugwis, & Wittin Malakili
Malakili = Boushh, Darth Maul, & Lobot

Droid locations:

Tatooine: Mos Eisley
Notice the two buildings of the same shape in the center of the area. Move to the one without the Droid power-up in front of it. Next to this building is a separate building with a slope. Use it to get on top of the building. Drive forward into one of the twin buildings and you will be transported through the second twin building, acquiring the power droid.

Blast the sunken A-Wing until it explodes -- all three droid power-ups will fall out of the wreckage.

Tatooine: Dune Sea
Blast the Sand Crawler until it stops moving. Enter the open mouth of the Sand Crawler to receive a droid power-up. Repeat this to get a different droid.

Destroy any of the three probe droids that are floating around the area. Each carries a different droid power-up.

The Death Star II:
Destroy the TIE Fighters or wait for them to destroy each other. They will drop a droid power-up upon their demise.

Yavin 4
Destroy any of the three guard towers to release a droid power-up. Each of the three towers has a different droid.

Bump the chess pieces into their opposing pieces to receive a droid power-up. Note: Some chess pieces will release different power-ups.
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