Cheats for X-Men: Next Dimension (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Unlock everything:
At the main menu, hold L1 then press RIGHT(x2), LEFT(x2), DOWN, UP, Circle.

Unlockable: Bonus Characters

* Bastion: Beat Story mode with Magneto without losing.
* Bishop: Beat Arcade mode with Gambit.
* Blob: Beat Arcade mode with Bishop.
* Dark Phoenix: Beat Arcade mode with Phoenix or Story mode with Magneto.
* Psylocke: Beat Arcade mode with Betsy.
* Pyro: Beat Arcade mode with Dark Phoenix.
* Sentinel A: Beat Arcade mode with Cyclops.
* Sentinel B: Get 20 wins in Survival mode.

Unlockable: Costumes

* Beat Story Mode with anyone: Costume 2
* Beat Arcade Mode on Expert: Costumes 3
* Get 30 wins in Survival Mode: Costume 4
* Complete Story Mode on hard difficulty: Costume 5
* Defeat 10 fighters in Time Attack Mode in less than 15 minutes: Costume 6
* Defeat 8 member team in Team Mode using 2 or less of your team: Costume 7
* Win 40 matches in Survival Mode: Costume 7

Unlock Psylocke
To unlock Psylocke, beat Arcade mode with Betsy.

Unlock New Costumes
Beat Arcade Mode with any mutant to unlock third costumes for everyone.

Unlock Blob
To unlock Blob, beat the Arcade Mode as Bishop.

Unlock Dark Phoenix
To unlock Dark Phoenix, beat Arcade mode with Phoenix.
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