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Cheats for Trapt (PS/PS2)

Easy 5-hit combo in the Torture Room:
Set up a spring board facing the crucifix (spiked wheel on the wall).
The spring board should be one square away from the crucifix.
Put the pendulum in between the springboard and the crucifix
facing the wall, so that it pushes them into the wall.
Place the saw blade on the wall pointing toward the electric chairs.
Once set up, here is how it works. Lure them to the spring board
and set it off using [X]. They will hit the crucifix and become stuck
for a moment. Press [Triangle] to launch the pendulum. After the
pendulum hits, use the sawblade to push the crucifix down the stairs
and into the electric chair. This creates a 5-hit combo that should
kill most enemies in one pass without having to repeat the process.
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