Cheats for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (PS/PS2)

Cheat codes (pause the game and enter while holding L1):
Cheat mode - Circle, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, Circle, RIGHT, UP, Square, Triangle.
Remove onscreen displays - Square, LEFT, UP, Triangle.
Slow Mode - Square, LEFT, UP, Square, LEFT.
Go To Restart Option - Square, Circle, X, UP, DOWN.
Special Available Anytime - X, Triangle, Circle, DOWN, UP, RIGHT.
Get 10X Multiplier - Triangle, X, Triangle.
Get 13x multiplier - X, Square(x2), Triangle, UP, DOWN.
Level select - Triangle, RIGHT, UP, Square, Triangle, LEFT, UP, Square, Triangle.
Get Big Head Mode - Square, Circle, UP, LEFT(x2).

Get 1 900 000 points:
Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Circle, X, X, R2, R2, Square. Do that 2 two times. The screen wont shake. Go back to the main menu and start over in single session and pick Bob. If it doesn't work try it once more.

Neversoft Bails FMV sequence:
Unlock Officer Dick as a character and use him to win three gold medals. The Neversoft Bails FMV features the game's developers trying to skate.

More Points:
During flight, hold Circle and release before hitting the ground.

Half Pipe Moves:
Tony Hawk - Press LEFT(x2), Square while on the halfpipe in the street course to do a 540 Board Varial

Bob Burnquist - Press LEFT(x2), Square while on the halfpipe in the street course to do a Fingerflip Airwalk

Big Combo:
On demo, when you first start, hold down x and left. Ollie into the wall and hit X to do a wallride. Do a few tricks (3 360 flips gets most points) and hit triangle. Hold X down and do shoveits (up + square) into nose grinds (up + triangle) and impossibles (down + square) into 5-0 grinds (down + triangle.) At the end of the quarter pipe rail hit x and you should bounce off of the wall. After this you can either play it safe by doing the above tricks again until the end of the rail, or else do a heelflip into the front cornerclosest to you of the beam and grind back. At the bottom of the screen it says (number times something) dont let it go past twenty or the game pauses. Be sure to do a grab off of it for variety you should get 127,000 points

Big Points:
In the Pheonix Downhill Jam level go past the dam halfpipe and turn around and go back up. When your almost at the top jump and you'll do a messed up levatate a few inches above the ground and you will start going back down. While your levitating you can pull off mad tricks and you won't land so you can get aboutaround ten triks then you want to stop so when you hit the the big rock with the hidden tape on it so when you hit you won't fall.

Big Combo:
Go to the Warehouse with Bob Burnquist. Do a backflip through were you get the hidden tape. Then, land on the pole and grind it. Then jump at the end and start grinding again. Grind as much as you can and you can get big.

Skate upside down:
Start the San Francisco level and head towards Hubba's Hideout by going down the big hill, then take a left. Go underneath Hubba's Ledge straight towards a quarter pipe against a wall, get some speed, go up the quarter pipe, do a wall ride and go off of the right side. Ollie out of the wall ride and try to land on a tall brownish cage colored object. If you land on top of it and ride around on it for awhile, you will be able to skate upside down until you try to ollie.

Do a flip:
Use the Black dude. Get special mode...then whenever you go off of a ramp do a fast plant off of the ramp (hold X and press UP, Up). Once in the air push Up and hold down Circle

Do a mctwist:
Use Tony Hawk (of course). Then get special mode. once you have special mode do an air (you do not need to do a fast plant to do this trick) Once in the air push to the right twice then press the Circle. Only prob I have found is that it does not seem to register any points.

Unlock Each Skaters Videos:
To see a skater's end movies get the gold medal with that skater in all 3 competitions.

Play as Officer Dick:
Use a single character to get all thirty tapes in career mode.

Play as Private Carrera:
Start a game in any mode as Officer Dick. Pause game play, then hold L1 and press Triangle, UP, Triangle, UP, Circle, UP, LEFT, Triangle. The screen will not shake. Exit the game and return to the character selection screen. Private Carrera will appear in place of Officer Dick. This character has full stats and great specials. Note: The game will freeze if you try to restart the game as her.

Unlimited tricks:
On the night street course, head towards the long quarter pipe in the middle of the stage. Try and get as close as possible to the edge of the lip. Before getting air off it, do a sharp right turn. If done correctly you will be trapped (stuck) to the coaping. You can do any trick as long as you want. Keep turning and twisting to score high points. to then get off, make sure your facing the direction to go down the vert, ollie a few times. You can score up to as much as 50000 points.

Bob burnquist and Private Carrera moves:
Press LEFT, UP, Square + Circle and they will do their coping tricks in the air.

High points trick:
Take elisa steamer or anyone with a pretty easy backflip and special grind then go to burnside, pump up the special. Do a backflip up on the bridge the flip/grind to the end using special grind/normal grinds then drop to the ledge/curve thing and grind again the end. Its about 180000-190000 the first time. Repeat it again and again for 2min. I got about 600000 points.

If you pick Tony Hawk and you are on special you can press RIGHT, DOWN, Circle and Tony will do the 900.

Special moves:

Everyone has 3 special moves:
(All moves done on ramp or half-pipe, not kicker or walls and such)
1) The one the little booklet tells you

2) Secret Moves:
Geoff Rowley - RIGHT, DOWN, Square
Bucky Lasek - DOWN, UP, Square
Chad Muska - RIGHT, DOWN, Triangle
Kareem Campbell - Up , DOWN, Triangle
Andrew Reynolds - LEFT, LEFT, Square
Rune Glifberg - UP, DOWN, Square
Jamie Thomas - UP, UP, Triangle
Elissa Steamer - UP, DOWN, Circle

3) Either McTwist, FrontFlip or Backflip:
McTwist - LEFT, LEFT, Cirle
BackFlip - DOWN, UP, Circle
FrontFlp - UP, DOWN, Circle
(You have to test these out per character. Each character has only 1 of the ones above)
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