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Cheats for Tomba! (PS/PS2)

Change Tomba's Hair Color:
At the options screen hold R1 + L1 + Select + Square and press LEFT, DOWN, UP, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT.

Extra weapons:
After the loading screen, hold R1 and press Select, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, X, Circle, Start. Finally, press Start when loading has completed

Capture a frog and return him to the Ol' Pond. He may reward you with a 1-up.

The key to finding the last Dwarf Kid at the Watch Tower is the V-Shaped seesaw.

When you reach the Forest of 100 Flowers, grab as many Leaf Butterflies as you can. Later, a Dwarf in the clouds above Charity Square will make something special happen in exchange for the Butterflies.

The Blackjack and the two boomerangs can be used to knock down hard-to-reach items.

Biting Plant Flower:
Near the begining of the game, at the Village of all beginings. You will find a row of the pumpkin-like plants with a Kokka bird, a Koma pig and a blue apple resting on top of them.

Kill the bird and pig and then knock the apple off the right and edge by either throwing an enemy at it or hitting it with your Black Jack weapon.

The apple should fall into the mouth of a biting plant below which should bloom into a flower. This may be repeatable in other areas, but I haven't found one where an apple is situated perfectly over a biting plant.

Iron Boomerang:
In Phoenix Mountain, around the area where the "What's a Funga?" event is found, there are wooden bars. You need to reach the top bar. Before heading out, though, you need the following to be equipped:

Flash Pants/Psychic Fish
Funky Parasol

Good. Now swing Northeast on the highest bar. If you have difficulty, use the Grapplejack to cling to a bar. You should be at either a bunch of egg plants, or a chest. At the plants, just gently drop DOWN, open the chest for the awesome power of the Iron Boomerang. It can be thrown 3 times in a row. I recommend sticking to your Grapplejack, though.

Just a Mean Old Man!:
Don't collect any of the kokka eggs and then go to the 100 year old wise men. He will then get mad and order you to get the eggs. Then he will kick you out the window.

Leaf Butterflies:
If you've restored the Forest Of All Beginnings and still need those butterflies, just slide down on the hill before the area of the baked yam. 25 Leaf Butterflies will come out. Collect them then head to the Deep Jungle for the other 4. Once you have al l 29 you'll get a Golden Butterfly, one of the 5 rare golden items.

Lumberjack Factory Quirk:
Tomba must have the grapplejack to do this. Go to the Lumberjack Factory in the Village of Civilization. Climb up onto the platform with the two people. Stand next to the one with the brown hair and jump into the air, throwing your grapple to the left. T he grapplejack should catch in midair right over the house and Tomba will be hanging almost sideways. Then let go of the grapplejack and push to the right as Tomba falls. Tomba then will fall into the cage with the purple monster. If you press to the rig ht Tomba continues to walk off the edge of the platform and into midair! You can jump back to where you started from with no problem.

Restore health:
Save and reload the saved game. Alternately, you can restore health by talking to the 100 year-old wise man.

The 8th Evil Pig:
After you defeat all seven evil pigs, go to the strange small room in the underground mines, they will tell you that you need to find seven friends to stand on the platforms. Do this and battle the 8th evil pig!

The Green Pig:
To get to the green pig, first you must go to Mushroom Forest and obtain laughing status. Then go to the haunted mansion near Baskar Village. Go on the slide with two pig snouts, and travel to the SMILE! door. Look up and laugh. The door will open and (i f you have the green pig bag) there will be the green pig gate. Jump into it. When fighting the pig, jump on him and throw him into the Pig Bag when it's turned your way. Congrats, now you can travel through the Lava Caves.

The Orange Pig:
To get to this pig, you need to ride the Phoenix to the jungle, keep going to you get to the first cage. Now keep going left till you get to a tree you can climb on. Go up to the top, and jump to into the evil pig gate (providing you have the orange pig bag.) Kill him by throwing him into the bag as it turns your way.

The Yellow Pig:
This one's easy, but you'll need the grappel and you must defeat the green pig first or you will not be able to pass the fire.

Go to the Lava Caves at the end of Storm Mountian. Grappel up on the first pumpkin branch then do that to another that should be around the top right segment of the screen. Next jump over on the ledge and there will be the Pig Gate (You must have the Yel low Pig Bag). Now just do the same thing you did to defeat the green pig.

Water Pig:
To defeat the Water Pig you must go to the Underground Maze. If you haven't gotten that far yet you need to go to the watch tower. There is a weak, wooden wall in the Watch Tower. Hit it hard and there is a elevator. To operate it you must go to the Cloc k Tower in the Village of Civilization and get it going. Once you do, go back to the elevator and go down to the Underground Maze to the blue fortune teller. Get him to tell you your fortune then go to the Mushroom Forest. Go to the left side of Mushroom Forest, and ride the boat to the beach. There will be two doors, the one on the left should be open. Go into it until you reach a room with swinging chandeliers. You will see a gate ( If you have the blue pig bag) and it is the same as the yellow pig to defeat. That will then clear up Trick Village.

Yan and the Golden Bowl:
To find Yan you first find him in the first house of the forest of all beginnings (he's the dark guy looking at the window), but you won't know who he is until you go to the Hidden Village (in the lava caves, you need the grapple, top left corner) and ta lk to his dad and he'll give you Yan's lunchbox.

Go back to Yan and he'll leave. He will then be at the Charity Square where the Leaf Butterflies were, then at the Funga Jungle in the background on the top of the wood structure, then at the Stormy Mountain in the smiling door (need to be in laughing st atus), then in the haunted house where the singing pirate is (past the straws, need the Fire Jewel), and finally at the north of his village.

After you get him the last time he will give you the Golden Bowl, which gives you double power.
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