Cheats for Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Cheat: Change Weather
In Time Attack, Free Run, or VS Battle select rain for the weather. While selecting the course starting point, hold down the following buttons to add weather effects.

* Fog: Hold Down Button L2
* Snow: Hold Down Button L1
* Thunder: Hold Down Button R2

Cheat: Boost
Hold Select while choosing an area selection on the map screen. Let go of Select when the auto-pilot starts up. In the race you will be able to use a boost but only with cars that don’t have a turbo.

Unlockable: Engine
Turbo, Natural Aspired engines: Drive 1242 miles with one car to unlock engine for that car. Complete 0 of the game to use the engine with any car.

Hack: Wanderers Always Accept Challenges
Note: this only works if the game is run on the PS2 Slim.

You can force wanderers to accept your challenge, even those whose challenges you have yet to meet.

Find a wanderer and go up to him or her. Open the lid on the PS2 slim and challenge the wanderer by flashing your lights. Wait until camera finishs rotating around his/her car then close the lid on the PS2 slim. The race should begin when the PS2 reads the CD.
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