Cheats for Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal (PS/PS2)

Level select:
Press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Left + Circle + Select at the new game Stamper menu

Cheat Code entry screen:
Press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Left + Circle + Triangle + Square and press X at the options Stamper menu.

Cheat codes:
(Enter these at the cheat codes screen)
TANKODOOM - Invulnerability
FEATHER - Low gravity
WEAKROBOT - Megashoot
TINYTINY - Little Tiny
FMVAAA - View Dead River Canyon Intro FMV
FMVBBB - View Mortar-Villa Airfield Intro FMV
FMVEEE - View Desert Robo-Train Intro FMV
FMVGGG - View The Nanometal Mountain Intro FMV
FMVIII - View Atmospheric Reduction Center Intro FMV
FMVJJJ - View Magneto Synchrotron Transporter Intro FMV
FMVMMM - View Mount Mutank Intro FMV
FMVNNN - View The Rail Gun Launcher Intro FMV
FMVPPP - View The Maze Intro FMV
FMVSSS - View AndNow FMV
FMVTTT - View Appaloosa Interactive FMV
FMVUUU - View Game Over FMV
FMVVVV - View Ending FMV
FMVWWW - View Tiny Tank Music Video FMV

Cowboy Hat:
When you kill Big Bart in the first level his hat will be laying there waiting to be put on. If you get killed you will lose the hat.

Easter Eggs:
If you listen to the first six "intro" sounds in the sound test, listen for a few seconds after the instructions and normal reports. You will hear Tiny give you random useless facts ("Poison Arrow frogs are the world's most poisonous animals"), a "special voice mail from a very special little girl," and a hilarious recording of the game testers singing Tiny's "Tiny Boy" ending theme song.
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