Cheats for TimeSplitters 2 (PS/PS2)

Infinite Ammo:
Complete Story Mode on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock infinite
ammunition in all game modes.

Big Tony:
Beat the Mafia Mission on normal to unlock the master... Big Tony

Unlock arcade level called Streets :
To unock the arcade level "Streets", just beat the game on easy difficulty.

Unlock Cardboard Characters
Beat the game on easy to obtain the Cardboard Characters cheat.

Unlock Rotating Heads Cheat:
To unlock the rotating heads cheat, just beat Pane in the Neck in
Silver (Challenge mode).

Unlock Some Silly Hats
Viking Hat - Beat "Silent But Deadly" with a Gold or Silver medal
Pirate Hat - Beat "Trouble At The Docks" with a Gold or Silver medal.
Big Ears - Beat "Escape from Neotokyo" with a Gold or Silver medal.

Unlock the Site Multiplayer Level:
I noticed the level unlock code someone submitted didn't list The Site.
To unlock The Site level, complete Story mode on Hard.
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