Cheats for TimeSplitters (PS/PS2)

Unlock View Credits Mode:
Once you beat the game on Easy and save your game, the "View Credits" option will appear above the "View Statistics" option. You can then view the credits any time you wish.

Awards List:
In multiplayer mode awards are given for various reasons:

Most Professional - Kills a lot of people with very little ammo
Maniac - Kills a lot of people but with too much ammo
Hoarder - Keeps collecting all the items
Most sneaky - Shoots the most people in the back
Betrayer - Kills most teammates
Decapatater - Most head shots
Ricochet King - Has best acuracy/most kills with ricochet
Bag Man - Delivers the most bags
Best Equiped - Has the most guns
Most Cowardly - Avoids the battle at all costs
Most Dishonorable - Shoots unarmed people
Porter - Secure the bag most often
Most Leathal - Gets the most kills
Most Losses - Got killed the most
Most Outgunned - Least Guns
Under equipped - Few guns
Multi Kill - Most kills w/one shot
Pathetic Shot - Bad aim
Longest Spree - Longest killing spree
Shortest Innings - Lives the shortest
Longest Innings - Lives the longest
AC-10 - Always wearing Armor (often coupled with Hoarder)
Weapons Expert - Kills people with every weapon available
Aloth - Unknown

Playing tips:
Always configure the game to have weapon change at "never", because while you are into the exit shootin your way through endless amounts of splitters, you don't want to have your shotgun removed just because you walk over a pistol

In some levels there are things that are explosive. Try shooting at everything first. Say someone was behind a wall and you knew they were there, you just couldn't see them. If there is a barrel near the wall, try shooting it. The guy behind the wall might get killed.

You don't always have to fight all the badguys. In the mansion level you can walk into a room, and the dear heads start shooting at you and we all know how hard thet are to kill. Remember, you don't HAVE to kill them. Likewise with a zombie. You can only kill it by shooting it in the head. Shooting it anywhere else it will only stun it. If you are cornered, stun them all and run like hell. They aren't smart enough to follow you.

If you stun a zombie when you were aiming for its head, it can still be killed whilst it is recovering/lying on the floor. You don't have to wait for it to get up again.

Frozen Bots:
In arcade mode, set your weapons to "custom" but don't set any weapons there. Leave them blank, and set the rest of the match as you wish. Now when you enter the match, you start with pistols and the bots are frozen. Good Hunting !

Playing Tips:

Challenge 1-A:
Run to the room where the mantle piece is, and hide round the corner. Now aim the Shotgun and head hight, and wait for the zombies to come round the corner, whilst you shoot their heads off. You should get 50 with no problem.

Challenge 1-B:
When you spawn, you will have about 3 seconds invincibility so the zombies can't hurt you, so that is the best chance you'll have.

Challenge 2-A:
The best thing to do here is hunt the ducks DOWN, don't wait for them. Time will run out if you stay in one place. Don't let them get away is the main point. Just grab ahold of a Shotgun, or M16. The Uzi and the Pistol don't really work well. The Ducks don't take off much energy so don't bother collecting any because this will waste time. Cheat Unlocked : All Enemies Are Ducks

Challenge 2-B:
This is very easy. Just do the same as Challenge 2-A, and keep alert for the Red & Green Aliens. You should do this Challenge with no problem.

Challenge 3-A:
What you have to do is grab ahold of a gun, and follow the crowd of robots and the bag should be nearby. Defeat all the robots around the bag, and capture it for yourself. You now have to go the dead end where there is health, with the two small pillars next it. If you get hurt, you can quickly get the health. If that doesn't work, run inside the buildings with the bag, dodging the rockets. Theres nothing you can do about the Raygun bullets.

Challenge 3-B:
What you need to do is go round the 'back' way to the pier. As you start off, where the Assault Rifle is, there should be a entrance way. Follow it and get to the pier where you can grab a lobster. Always be armed, with at least an Assault Rifle. As you get to about 10 lobsters, time runs out, so If you can, go round the 'front' way past the inn and 'Chefs' base, and steal off the enemies by shooting them and they will drop the lobster. Sometimes if you wait by you're base, the Fishwife Mutant will come toward you with a lobster in her hand because they have to go past you're base to go to theirs. This is the best stealing opportunaty. Kill her and get an extra point. Another good tip is if you have low health (in the red health) get killed because you don't want to waste time by going to the pier and get killed whilst you have a lobster. Cheat Unlocked : All Enemies Are RoboFish

Challenge 4-A:
In this level, you have unlimited ammo and you have to break all of the 69 peices of marble and glass you see, in 1 minute. However there is 1 thing that makes this tricky. Even if you do break all of the grass on that front wall, you still have 8 left. The remaining 8 are in the small building in front and behind you. Four are in front of you in the building and are very easy to break, while the other 4 are in the building behind you. You can easily take down 2 of the 4 windows of the building behind you because they are in the front. The other 2 are not so easy to find. To find the 3rd Window, you have to move to the right side of the building and look towards the upper floor. It is right there, on the side of the building. To find the fourth, you have to look and shoot through the bottom window in the front of the building. You will have to look towards the side of the building. That is the only way to shoot it, since it is being covered up by a fence. All you need is in viewable site. You don't need to go into the sewers for anything. The reason they are there is because this is a multiplayer map.

Challenge 4-B:
You are in the Chinese level. It is the same exact level as in the multiplayer mode, with all of the doors open and stuff. Here, you have to break every 170 pieces of glass and plates, in 2 minutes I believe. Anyway, all of the plates are located in the kitchen (duh) and it is fairly easy to break all of the glass. The challenge comes from knowing where the remaining pieces of glass are. In the main lobby of the resturant, where you see the gong, there is some more glass up near the ceiling. Go to the gong and look up and around, towards the wall that is behind the gong. Those have to be destroyed too. You also have to destroy all of the white Ornamental panes as well. Be carefull to not rush, the glass windows are barely distinguishable from no glass at all. Take your time and make sure you have broken everything. There is no glass in the courtyard with the fountain and downstairs, so there is no need to go there.

Challenge 4-C:
This is practically impossible. You have 4:30 minutes to do everything you did in the last level, but this time all you have is an unlimited amount of bricks. Primary fire throws the brick longer but shorter in height, while Secondary fire throws them shorter in distance but higher in height. No new glass configuration here, just getting the knack down of throwing the bricks at certain angles.
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