Cheats for Time Crisis: Project Titan (PS/PS2)

Large Kills:
To take out large amounts of enemies on the following levels just follow the instructions. (Note that these are only a few instances of "Large Kills." Experiment to find more!)

Stage 1, Scene 1:
A little bit after you get to the coblestone street you should see an oil tanker in the background, blast it and most of the baddies on-screen will will get blown away.

Stage 2, Scene 1:
At one point you should see a platform with a metal strip, balst the strip and most if, not all, the enemies will be taken out.

Stage 2, Scene 2:
Shoot the red fuel barrels in the room to blow the enemies away.

To dodge a shot quickly duck when you see a red circle appear. This is very tricky, but with practice it can help a whole lot.
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